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The Kings Consort
part nine

Hephaestion awoke with his head on the kings chest and the mans arms wrapped around him. Luxuriating in the feeling of being held, Hephaestion nestled in closer to the body that embraced him. His stomach chose that moment to wake up, reminding the boy that it had been almost a full day since his last meal.

"I see I have been remiss in seeing to your needs," Alexander said drowsily.

"Just the one, my king," Hephaestion moaned, tipping back his head to kiss Alexander's throat.

"Mmm, we don't have time for that this morning, baby."

"Why? You said we would spend the next few days together before I start my training."

"I know. I'm sorry. I didn't realize how much there was to do. I have to get men to your father. Athens needs to know that I will help protect them. I learned last night that there were other things that need my attention also."

"I need your attention," Hephaestion murmured, reaching down to arouse the kings awakening member. He rolled over to lie on top of his lover, reveling in the groan that passed from Alexander's lips.

Alexander gathered the boy tightly in his arms, rocking his hips so that their two slick cocks rubbed against each other. The friction caused Hephaestion to gasp and to buck his own hips, seeking gratification.

"Shh," Alexander hushed his lover. "Slowly. Hmm, yes. Like that."

It didn't take long for the relief of orgasm to consume the two lovers. With a quick kiss to Hephaestion's forehead, Alexander rolled the boy off of him and got out of bed. His energy had been revived from the nights sleep and the lovemaking from the night before and again this morning. He went to the doors and told the servants to bring in the bath water he had known would be waiting. He relieved himself and waited for a grumbling Hephaestion to do the same.

Alexander refused help in their bathing, preferring to wash his boy himself. He talked while he scrubbed at Hephaestion's skin and hair.

"My palace is pretty basic. I don't think you should have a problem finding your way around. Cleitus and Ptolemy made sure that anybody in the palace is to treat you with respect, so you should have no complaints. I will point the way to my mother's rooms, when we leave. She is expecting you to break your fast with her."

"I can't wait. I am so hungry." Hephaestion licked his lips, like a child anticipating a meal.

Momentarily distracted by the pink tongue touching the passion swollen lips, Alexander shook his head to clear it from the sexually stimulating sight.

"Hephaestion, aren't you frightened of spending time alone with my mother? I wish I could go with you. Maybe you had better postpone till tomorrow."

"Why, Alexander? Something else will just come up tomorrow. Besides, I like your mother. I don't see what all the uproar is about, I thought she was very nice." Hephaestion arched his back when after cleaning the boys front, Alexander nonchalantly cleaned the cleft of his bottom.

Alexander liked the boys responses to his methodical cleansing. Kissing the smooth neck, Alexander patted the boy, motioning for him to rise and dry off. After quickly washing himself, Alexander reached for his own towel.

After carefully brushing their teeth with a fanned out hickory twig and ground mint and lemon paste, the kings consort again felt his tummy grumble.

"Alexander, do you think your mother will have my coffee there?" Hephaestion asked, getting back to more important matters. "Did you tell anybody about it? Where are my things anyway?"

"I don't know," Alexander snapped, already slightly annoyed with the boys preoccupation with his stomach.

"Excuse me," Hephaestion snapped back. "I'm sure you had food when you went down to the hall last night. I haven't had anything since we broke our fast on the trail yesterday morn."

Feeling guilty because he had indeed eaten after leaving the room. Alexander had not thought to bring the boy back any food. Angry at his servants for not seeing to the boys comfort, he resolved to talk to his steward about Hephaestion's needs.

"I will talk to somebody about your things, Hephaestion. I have clothes here for you to wear today. Clothes that were made for me and that I have never worn."

Satisfied with the closest thing to an apology that Alexander would give, Hephaestion cheerfully watched as Alexander handed him a sky blue chiton and white outer robe.

Alexander enjoyed watching Hephaestion dress while he himself pulled on his royal garments. He admired the way the blue chiton brought out the blue in his lover's eyes. Hephaestion's newly washed hair gleamed, the caramel highlights beckoning Alexander's fingers.

Reaching into the trunk, Alexander pulled out a gold crown. A gold headband really. With sapphires at the front. It was one that he had made when he was a prince. He had never worn it, because his father had died days after receiving it. The gold band looked incredible on Hephaestion, the king thought, as he slipped it on the boys head.

"Oh, Alexander! It's beautiful, thank you," Hephaestion cried, throwing his arms around the kings neck and kissing his face and lips.

Alexander smiled, pleased with himself at being able to give his lover such a costly gift. The gold had the emblems and designs of the royal house, so everybody who saw Hephaestion would know that he belonged to the king.

"I will come to get you from my mothers wing in time for lunch, Hephaestion. If it is to much for you, then come back here."

Hephaestion laughed, "You act is if you are sending me into the lions den, Sire. I think I can survive a morning with your mother. But, you think it would be alright for me to find my trunks? I wish to put on my pants. I am used to wearing them or my togas."

"The togas are to short and show to much flesh. You can wear them with robes. The trousers are the garments of Persia. No man of Macedonia would wear them."

"The men of Athens have always worn them," Hephaestion countered. "What's wrong with them?"

"The servants and workers have worn them. Hephaestion, be reasonable," Alexander argued. "You are a young man now. The trousers show off your behind. You will pardon me if I don't want my kingdom staring at your ass!"

"So what. You're the only one touching my ass."

"Yes, and I would like it to stay like that. Your trousers are very tempting."

"But, they are more comfortable when I ride and when I shoot my bow."

Alexander rubbed his brow, feeling much older then his twenty-three years.

"Hephaestion, are you trying to make me lose my patience? I am beginning to see why your mother and father kept such a close eye on you."

Hurt by the kings words, Hephaestion drew himself up and said haughtily, "I am sorry I angered you, my king. I can not talk or feel hunger. Is there anything else I need to know that will upset you?"

Laughing at Hephaestion self-righteousness, Alexander pulled the boy into his arms and kissed the pouty lips.

"Don't be a brat. And don't sulk. You want to be a soldier don't you? Soldiers don't pout."

Yielding to Alexander's warm lips on his own, Hephaestion pressed himself close to his lover's body. "I don't want to not wear my pants ever again, Sire," he said breathily in the kings ear.

"Alright Hephaestion, you can wear them when I take you riding. We will talk about whether you need them when you are shooting your bow. Now, I really must go, my beloved. Will you be alright with a guard showing you to my mothers wing?"

"Of course. I'll see you in a few hours."

"Hephaestion, you will be good, won't you?"

""What do you mean?" Hephaestion asked tentatively.

"I mean......don't get into any mischief. Remember your late night swim?"

"Gods, you are never going to let me live that down. I won't get into any mischief. I'm just going to be with your mother."

"Promise me, Hephaestion."

"Are you going to do this every time we part for a few hours?"


"Alright, I promise. Zeus, you're worse then my mother."

"Thank you," Alexander said, smiling at the boys antics. Patting him on his behind, Alexander led the way out the door.

Olympias put down the cup she was holding when it threatened to spill, still laughing at Hephaestion's story. The boy had been telling her of his and her sons first meeting in the barn. She beamed with delight when Hephaestion told her how he tried to be angry with her son for kissing who he thought was a slave. She felt happiness when the boy told her how he felt love at first sight when seeing the golden haired god. Instead of feeling the resentfulness she had expected to feel towards her sons consort, she felt a relief that she was no longer alone in loving Alexander. This strong boy would carry the burden of loving a king. Of having his best interests at heart. For the first time in many years she felt free.

Hephaestion stood to wander about the room. He pet one snake that was basking on a sill under the window. He admired the corded strength under the sleek skin.

Olympias watched the boy reverently touch one of her favorite pets."Do you like snakes, Hephaestion?"

"I like most animals, my queen.....Olympias, do you want to go riding? I mean, Alexander wanted to show me his palace, but if you want to show me the countryside.......well, I would like that."

Olympias sat quietly, mutely staring at the boy.

Hephaestion knelt at her feet and took her cold hands in his own. Mindful of the snake on her arm he gently rubbed her fingers.

"My queen, what is the matter? Did I say something wrong?"

Olympias studied the worried face of her sons consort. His was a beauty like her own. He would stay young looking for years. Desirable and seductive, yet much more gentle and innocent. Alexander would have a hard time leaving the bed of this stunning beauty.

"My queen?"

"It has been years since anybody has asked me to ride," she said simply.

"You can, can't you?"

"Yes, I love to ride. For years Phillip kept me prisoner to these rooms. After he died, I guess nobody thought to ask me what I would like. Do you suppose there is a gentle horse in the stables? Maybe my daughter's horse is still here," she said, answering her own question.

"If not, then you can ride mine. He is broke perfectly." Deciding that Alexander did say that he could wear his pants when riding, he arranged to be back for the queen in fifteen minutes. He hoped his trunks were brought up as Alexander promised.

Hephaestion was surprised to see the older boy who had shared his husbands bed outside his corridor. Bolon looked as if he were going to the kings chamber when he spotted Hephaestion. He gave the consort a smirk and changed course. Hephaestion would have to remember to ask Alexander why his one time lover would be in these halls.

Hephaestion was glad to see his trunks in their room. Pushing aside his apprehensions that maybe he should tell Alexander his plans, he decided that maybe Alexander wouldn't even find out. It was still well over two hours till lunch time. And not having ridden in a long time, surely Olympias wouldn't want to ride far. Slipping his sandaled feet into his pants legs, Hephaestion pulled up his most loved trousers.

Running back down the corridor, he gathered Olympias and snuck out through her private garden to the stables. Both of them were caught up in the moment of seeking freedom. Olympias for years of repression. Hephaestion for the pure joy of devilry. They mounted their horses, Hephaestion letting Olympias borrow his saddle. It was light enough that her daughters horse would not shy and it was used to a blanket girth. They were headed out a side door when their path was blocked by one of the kings own companions.

Cleitus was talking to his own second in command while on his way to a companions meeting with the king. He was already a few minutes late, delayed by training programs. When he heard giggling and hushed voices, he thought it must be kids playing in the barns. When he heard the movement of horses from inside the palace stable, he thought to investigate. He smiled when he saw the mischievous duo. Grinned when he realized one of them was the kings own husband, the other his mother. Was this giggling youthful woman, the cold hearted creature who they whispered killed her own husband?

"And where do you think you two are going?" he asked in his most menacing voice.

The two stopped short, surprise and guilt on their faces.

"Oh, Cleitus! We were just taking a quick ride," Hephaestion rushed to explain.

"And does the king know that the two of you are riding by yourselves?"

"He didn't say that we couldn't ride, Cleitus."

Olympias sat back, not saying anything. She enjoyed watching Hephaestion and listening to him talk around the kings trusted companion. She herself had nothing against Cleitus. She remembered when her husband took the younger Cleitus as his eromenos. For a long while Phillip had loved the boy. Died loving him. That didn't stop her husband from taking younger boys and women to his bed. She and Cleitus both had suffered and paid a great price in loving a king. His brutal ways and roving eye would forever be a scar on both their souls. Maybe between them they could help Hephaestion not to suffer the same fate. For years she had lived in her husbands shadow. As a married woman, she had no options open to her. Hephaestion as the kings consort would have many limits, but he would have a mans freedom. And he could make his own happiness. Maybe this boy could tame Alexander's adulterous ways, where she could not tame Phillips. Olympias was brought out of her meanderings by Cleitus's voice.

"My Queen, this is twice in less then a day that you have surprised me."

"Well Cleitus, I'd hate to be to predictable."

"And where did you think you were going?" Cleitus asked, pinning his eyes on young Hephaestion.

"Olympias was telling me about some caves. We thought we would ride by them."

"You weren't planning on going in them were you," Cleitus asked sharply?

"Of course not," Olympias said.


"No," Hephaestion answered, avoiding Cleitus's eyes. "I just wanted to ride by."

"Hephaestion.......Alexander, Ptolemy and Cassander got lost in those caves for three days, and they hadn't even gone that far in. They are a maze of rooms and levels that spread for miles underground. It's dark and wet and confusing. Many have died in that labyrinth of caves."

Olympias who remembered that time with great fear, said softly, "I wouldn't have let him go in the caves, Cleitus."

"I know, my queen. But this one," he said, indicating Hephaestion, " can get you to do just about anything. Aren't you sitting on top of a horse for the first time in twenty years, getting ready to sneak out of the palace?"

"Hey," cried the indignant Hephaestion. "I'm not that bad. I wouldn't have gone in the caves."

"Hmm, just in case, I'd better go with you."

"Cleitus, you don't have to go with us."

"Tell that to the king when he flogs me for letting you two go by yourselves."

"Maybe it would be better if he did escort us," Olympias reasoned. "For me, of course. I haven't ridden in so long. I don't know if I remember the way."

Chastened, Hephaestion nodded and waited for Cleitus and Tolus to quickly grab their mounts.

As it turned out, it was a fun day. They rode by streams and rocky caverns. They rode by the dark mouth of the caves. All of them shivering from the sinister echo they could hear from the depths of the cave. Olympias told Hephaestion stories of a younger Alexander. Cleitus told Olympias and Tolus about Hephaestion's almost abduction by the Persians. In return, Hephaestion told Olympias and a laughing Tolus about Cleitus's afternoon in the sea with Hephaestion's two younger sisters.

It was a laughing and lighthearted foursome that rode into the stables in the early evening. Unmindful that it was hours after lunchtime.

A deep fear ran like ice water through the king veins. His mother and lover had been missing for hours. Could they have been abducted? At one point, Alexander even wondered if his mother had faked her fondness for Hephaestion and abducted him herself, taking him to her native land. His gut wrenched when he thought about some soldier seeing his beautiful boy and trying to take him for his own. His mother being hurt in the process.

"Aurum is gone, Alexander. Nobody would ride Hephaestion's horse. Your sisters horse is missing also."

"By the Gods! Did anybody see anything? Somebody had to. Ptolomy, start asking the people. Cassander, let's........."

They were interrupted by the arrival of his missing loved ones and a laughing general and second in the generals unit.

Cleitus and Olympias were enjoying talking about the past. Years later, they could laugh about the pain and jealousies of loving Phillip.

Tolus, who was in the kings cavalry and also a archer in the unit was laughing as he recounted his first days as page for Cleitus. Hephaestion listened to the tales and knew that he could be a part of this very elite group. 

Alexander watched as Cleitus helped his mother off her horse. She was glowing. Alexander never remembered her looking so carefree and happy. He was astounded when she smiled he thanks up to her own husbands lover. But it was his own lover where his anger knew no bounds. Alexander watched as Tolus, Cleitus's long time page and second in command of his unit helped Hephaestion off his horse. They were laughing and talking about something. Alexander's eyes narrowed when Tolus let his hands linger on Hephaestion's slim waist. It was when he saw the mans eyes rove over Hephaestion's delectable bottom encased in trousers that Alexander's rage came to the surface of it's confinement. Trousers!

Alexander flew at the unsuspecting Tolus. The flying punch landing squarely on his jaw. He grabbed the reins of Aurum as Tolus slid easily onto the ground. He heard his mother cry out and saw Hephaestion look about in confusion. When the boys eyes met the irate eyes of the king, he trembled at the fury he witnessed.

"Mother, go to your rooms," Alexander said, still staring at his mischievous imp of a lover.

"Alexander, I think..........."

"By the Gods, woman," Alexander cried vehemently, turning so that she could see the full force of his fury. "Go to your rooms now!"

After seeing his mother walk out with as much dignity as she could muster, Alexander turned back to his young consort. Trying to tone down his anger, he gripped Hephaestion's hand and pulled him from the barn. Leaving the horses for Cassander to take care of, Cleitus followed a short distance behind.

Alexander realized that his worry for Hephaestion's safety and his jealousy at seeing the hand of Tolus on his lovers waist, was now seething inside him. Trying to calm enraged feelings, he quietly told his lover to go to their rooms and he would follow after he talked to Cleitus.

"Alexander," Hephaestion whispered shakily, "Cleitus..........."

"You will not argue for Cleitus's defense. He knows what he did wrong. Don't you Cleitus?" Alexander asked, turning to one of his most loved companions.

"Yes, Sire," Cleitus said in a stoic manner.

"But, Alexander......."

"Hephaestion, I swear to the Gods, if you don't get to our rooms now, I will...........!" Alexander stopped his tirade in mid sentence. "Now Hephaestion," he told the boy.

Bolon had been listening behind doors and walls most of the day. Flattening himself against the outside of the stable doors, he listened to Alexander order the brat to their rooms. He couldn't hope to get rid of the Athenian, but maybe he could drive a wedge between them enough that Alexander might turn to Bolon for comfort. Alexander was a man of fiery passions. Surely this boy couldn't hope to satisfy the king in the bedroom? Seeing a chance to undermine the boys confidence, Bolon sped up the back stairwell to reach the royal chambers before Hephaestion.

Hephaestion's heart threatened to hammer out of his chest. Alexander had been so angry. How could Hephaestion hope to get Alexander to forgive him without first being punished?

Shock and unimaginable pain swept through the boy as he stepped into his and Alexander's bedroom. Bolon was in the act of getting out of bed. His back was to the door and he was pulling a robe from the tangled covers of the bed.

Bolon heard Hephaestion open the door. It wasn't hard to pretend as if he were just now getting out of bed after an afternoon of unavowed sex. This would send the little virgin running back to his arrogant homeland.

Hephaestion's jealousy exceeded his capacity for clear thought. His rage took over. It was inconceivable to the boy that Alexander would act so possessive when he himself had spent the afternoon in a tryst with his illicit lover. Extreme anger welled up inside. A violence he had never known. So intense were his emotions, he didn't stop to think. Hephaestion slipped out the knife he carried in his belt as he advanced on the older boy.

Bolon's superior smirk turned to dread as he saw Hephaestion's approach. His eyes missed the knife being palmed, he could only see the violence in the younger mans eyes.

Hephaestion would never forget the sight of this man's lips on Alexander's. Knowing that he had just left the bed where the king had taken Hephaestion on the night before, gave the consort the added strength of revenge, even though Bolon was most likely trained in fighting.

"You," Hephaestion hissed. "You should be dead!"

Bolon took no note of the words as his eyes, wide with amazement, moved over the boy.

Knowing that the older boy had the training of a soldier, Hephaestion moved towards him in a slow tread. As long as the older boy did not notice the dagger gripped in his fist, Hephaestion would have him. He spoke to draw the other boys eyes to his face.

"What were you doing here?"

"What does it look like?" Bolon goaded, unaware of his danger. "Surely, you cant be so inno.........?"

Hephaestion struck, aiming for his throat. Bolons reflexes were better then he had anticipated, so Hephaestion changed direction, slashing beneath the arm he had raised to block the attack. Bolon was quick, he jumped back to avoid the cut. So as it was, Hephaestion's blade only ripped open his chiton, drawing a thin line of blood. Hephaestion saw this even has he spun about for momentum to come around for a side attack on the other boy's neck.

Hephaestion's hand was caught by the wrist, Bolon bringing his other hand up to reach for the blade.

"By the Gods, Athenian, stop this!"

"When you are dead, Macedonian dog," Hephaestion spat!

With his free hand, Hephaestion gripped a handful of his rivals hair to pull him off balance. Bolon turned his body into Hephaestion's, locking his arm arm under the younger boys, so that Hephaestion could no longer maneuver. Bolon was free to pry Hephaestion's fingers off the blade. Hephaestion almost screamed in rage when he felt the blade slip from his grasp. But before Bolon could turn back to face him, Hephaestion locked both his hands together and used them like a club to the back of the older boys head.

The blow sent Bolon staggering out into the hall, where he slammed against the opposite wall. The dagger had fallen to the floor, halfway between them. Hephaestion made a jump for it but Bolons cursed robe tripped up his feet and he lost his balance.  His husbands lover turned just as he was falling and threw himself at the younger boy. The momentum carried them both further down the hall where they landed heavily on the floor.

This would have been the end if Hephaestion's jealousy wasn't so great. As it was, Bolon thought he was finished. He had fallen on top of Hephaestion and gripped a wrist in each hand, holding them beside the consorts head. He looked down at Hephaestion with ill concealed hatred. He couldn't kill the other boy, he would be killed himself for such a crime. Bolon had expected tears from the untrained Athenian, not attack.

"Cease this," he demanded.

"I'll show you not to slither in beds that are not your own," Hephaestion cried. He threw the older boy to the side and in an instant was on top of him and had his head between his hands. Twice Hephaestion slammed his rivals head onto the floor before arms encircled his waist and lifted him off.

Hephaestion struggled until the arms tightened, squeezing the breath from his body. The kings voice hissed in his ear, "Be still!" Hephaestion was forced to admit defeat. Watching the older boy, still bleeding and being helped to his feet by Cleitus, made him feel much better.

"What in the God's name is going on here?" Alexander demanded.

Cleitus and Alexander were slowly walking to the kings rooms. Cleitus was  penitent under his kings fury. It was only the long time bond between them that kept Cleitus from a sever public beating. If more people other then Cassander and Ptolemy were witness to Hephaestion's and the queens absence from the palace, then Cleitus had no doubt that punishment would have been swift. He was not so sure that Hephaestion would escape a strong hand to his pert little behind. He was sure to keep the smile from his face at that thought. Considering his kings merited anger, he was most prudent.

"I'm sorry, Alexander. I didn't know they were not allowed to ride."

"Did you honestly think that I would let my lover and my mother ride by them selves on Hephaestion's first day here?"

"They were about to ride off by themselves, Alexander. I thought only to accompany them."

"I am grateful that you were there, Cleitus. And I know how mischievous Hephaestion can be. He has a way of winding you around his little finger. You should have sent Tolus to inform me of their plans."

"I know, Sire. And I'm sorry, I can only ask for you forgiveness."

"Did your lieutenant talk during the whole ride to Hephaestion?"

" king, Tolus was very respectful to both Hephaestion and your mother. Alexander, Tolus likes women. I have never seen him with a man before."

"His hands were on Hephaestion's waist, Cleitus. And his eyes were on his ass!"

"Alexander, I'm sure he didn't realize that he was behaving improperly. And he was probably staring at the boys trousers. They are a bit shocking."

Alexander was still livid about the trousers, but before he could finish his thought, he heard a crash and shouting. He and Cleitus looked at each other.

"That's Hephaestion, " they said at the same time, running around the corner of the corridor. Shocked at the sight before them , they waded into the fight.

Enraged with the squirming boy in his arms, Alexander demanded to know what was happening.

"Fuck you, Alexander," Hephaestion hissed.

"By the Gods, you will tell me," he stormed. He put Hephaestion on his feet, gripped his arm and propelled him into the room. Looking back at Cleitus he told his companion to take the other boy away and watch him until Alexander could get there.

Alexander pushed Hephaestion into the chair. Nobody had ever given him cause for such an internal struggle before Hephaestion. The boy needed a firmer hand then Alexander had been giving him.

"You have lied to me today, went against my wishes, and put yourself and my mother in danger. And what do I find when I return to my rooms? An aggressive fight between my consort and my former lover. What possessed you to such hostility, Hephaestion?"

"Former lover? Currant lover, you mean! He wasn't out of the room in time for my return," Hephaestion spat!

"What are you talking about?"

"He was in the room, getting out of bed and pulling a robe from the bed."

Alexander wondered if Bolon had been gathering his clothes and Hephaestion had interrupted him. Looking at the disorderly bed, Alexander wondered at the chaotic mess the sheets were in. The maids usually cleaned as soon as he left the rooms in the morning.

"Did he say that we had slept together, Hephaestion?"

"No......but.....he implyed it."

"I gave him permission to gather his clothing. He was doing that or he was trying to cause trouble. Either way, you should have had more faith in me."

"Alexander, I......"

"Be quiet," the king warned in a hushed voice. "I promised you several times that I wouldn't touch or bed Bolon ever again. I gave you my word. What have I done to cause such mistrust in you?"

"Nothing, my king," Hephaestion whispered, looking down at his hands that were locked in his lap.

"I have refused to give you promises that you have wished for, because I was unsure of my ability to keep them. The promises I do give you, obviously count for nothing."

Hephaestion sobbed.

"I......I'm sorry, Alexander. He made me so mad. I didn't mean to hurt you. I......." Hephaestion couldn't finish. He was so upset from the pained expression on his lovers face.

Heaving a sigh, Alexander relented.

"It's alright, Hephaestion. You were actually quite courageous. I was impressed with your fighting and your bravery. Besides, I would have done the same thing."

"You did," Hephaestion said, remembering poor Tolus who was struck to the ground.

Alexander rubbed at his brow. A headache was forming. He went to sit in the opposite chair.

"This doesn't excuse your behavior today." Alexander wouldn't be swayed by the tears forming in Hephaestion's beautiful eyes as the boy looked at him. "When did I say I would come to get you, Hephaestion?"


"And didn't I tell you to stay in the queens chamber or to come back here?"


"What are you wearing, Hephaestion?"


"Pants that I ordered you could not wear!"

" said that I could wear them when I rode, Alexander."

"And you were not supposed to be riding, were you? I also told you that you could wear your pants when you went riding with

"I'm sorry, Sire," Hephaestion whispered.

"You lied to me. You snuck out and put yourself in a possible dangerous situation. Neither you or my mother knows these hills. Do you think it is good for our relationship when one of us lies to the other?"


"Did you ever stop to think that maybe my feelings might be hurt? I wanted to ride with you. To be the first to show you the lands that mean so much to me?"

Hephaestion put his face in his hands. Tears were running freely down his face.

"Come here, Hephaestion."

Hephaestion rose on legs that shook and crossed the distance to his angry lover.

"Maybe if I had spanked you after your late night swim, I wouldn't have to do so now. You promised me you wouldn't sneak out anymore, Hephaestion."

Hephaestion couldn't speak, such was his fear.

"Come on, it won't be so bad, and then it will all be over." Alexander leaned down to unlace the boys sandals before pulling the trousers down over slim hips and naked buttocks.

"Please, Alexander," Hephaestion suddenly cried. "Please don't do this. I won't do it again. I promise."

"I know, baby. I believe you. You have to be punished though," Alexander said, drawing the boy over his knees, hands on the floor and bottom high in the air.

Hephaestion nearly cried when he felt Alexander gently stroking his upturned buttocks. The first slap drove all thoughts from his head. He felt so vulnerable when burning pain spread over his right cheek. Three more hard swats were delivered on his upturned bottom. Both cheeks now burned enough that Hephaestion started to kick and squirm on the kings lap. After two more painfully hard spanks, Hephaestion started to cry and yell in earnest.

Alexander rubbed the rosy bottom. His hand was stinging and the heat emanating from Hephaestion's clenching ass assured him that it was stinging also.

"Four more. You can do it. I want you to remember this. It might help you to learn not to lie to me. You will not sneak away again. And if you ever wear your trousers when I say no again, I'll burn them."

"Please, Alexander," Hephaestion sobbed. "I'll be good. No more."

Hephaestion felt the warm hand on his back. anchoring him, warning him for what was to come. He knew by now not to clench his bottom. It hurt more when he did. But, he couldn't help it.

Alexander delivered four more hard slaps while the boy fought with himself to stay still. He almost howled from the pain, and then finally Hephaestion's ordeal was over.

The king pulled his sobbing lover into his arms. Hephaestion flinched when the fabric of Alexander's robe brushed against his buttocks, but he cuddled into the kings embrace anyway. His bottom was on fire, and yet he cried harder from his lovers forgiving words.

"Shh," Alexander crooned. "It's alright. I forgive you. It's all over now. Calm down, Hephaestion." Alexander held the sobbing boy in his arms until he quieted down. He relished the feel of Hephaestion. He was embarrassed that his cock was hard after delivering punishment to his boy. How could he help it though when Hephaestion was all over him and so adorable.

"I'm so sorry," Hephaestion whispered. "I love you."

"I love you too, baby," Alexander said fondly. "Lay back and rest now. I'll order food to be brought up. We'll go down to the hall tomorrow. Would you like that?"

"Just the two of us?"

"Yes, just us."

"I'd like that."

Alexander held his boy. He could no longer contemplate life without Hephaestion.

"Hephaestion," Alexander said some time later.


"I have to go down and talk to Bolon."

Hephaestion sat up, grimacing from the friction on his sore bottom. "Why?" he asked plaintively. "Can't you see him in the morning?"

"I have to take care of this tonight."

"This is the second night that you have left me alone. I can't believe you're leaving me to go to him!"

Alexander smiled at his lover's dramatic flair. "I am not leaving you and going to him."

"Are you going to spank him also?"

"I only spank the boys I love. I punish others in a much more harmful way," the king laughed.

Alexander pushed the boy off of him to go to the door. He had to see Nearchus before he left. The sailor was about to have a passenger.

"I'll bring back some food and wine. I'll even rub some balm into your bottom."

"Gods Alexander, are you going to tell anybody you spanked me?"

"I think they might have heard your screams, my beloved. Don't worry, by now Cleitus has told of your beating my former lover."

"Then they'll think you spanked me for that!"

Alexander laughed. The things his boy found to worry about. Before he left the room he turned back to his remorseful lover.

"Hephaestion, be here when I get back."

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