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The Kings Consort
part eight

Alexander looked down into Hephaestion's now turbulent eyes. Seeing the war raging in their blue depths, the king knew when to retreat.

"You won't be looking into any eyes but my own while lovemaking, Hephaestion. I'll hear no more talk of either of us taking another to our beds."

"Does that mean you won't take another lover?"

Kissing the pouty lips, Alexander sighed into his lovers mouth. He knew joining would come back to give him grief. Why he thought a boy would be more understanding then a woman, he didn't know.

"You wear me out. I have no intentions of bedding another at this time. When and if that changes, we will talk of it then."

"But, your men......"

"I regret the greeting you received, Hephaestion. My men were made to understand that this was a political joining only. I let them know that I wouldn't be averse to your taking a lover. They still shouldn't have treated you in that fashion. Respect for the royal house should always be in attendance."

"Starting with you, my lord," Hephaestion uttered.

Drawing away to look askance at his young husband, Alexander was beginning to let his anger show.

"I am king here Hephaestion. You will do well to remember that. I will not be taken to task by you or any other. I have admitted my wrongs to you. I will let my men know that you are a welcome addition into my life."

"Is that what I am? A welcome addition? Like a new piece of furniture or a new pet?" 

Alexander stared at the mesmeric boy. Hephaestion was now kneeling naked upon the bed. His sated phallus resting on his supple thigh. His smooth young chest heaving. His full lips were open and begging to be ravished. His hypnotic eyes were dancing with smoldering fire. Ignoring the conversation that was starting to exasperate him, Alexander reached for his arousing lover.

Hephaestion being young, made his first mistake with his king. Pulling away from Alexander, he issued a declaration.

"I want your word that you won't bed another, Alexander."

"Or what?" Alexander hissed. "You won't grant me use of your body? Sexual favors, to get your own way? You will see how bribery sways me, Hephaestion," Alexander warned as he rose from the bed.

"Where are you going?" Hephaestion demanded.

"I do not wish to be here any longer. I go to have a drink with my friends."

"I'll go with you," the boy cried, making to scramble from the bed.

Alexander stepped forward to push Hephaestion back onto the bed. The boy lay sprawled on his back and elbows, tears now streaming down his bewildered face.

"You will stay," Alexander ordered. "I wanted your company minutes ago. You refused me!"

"Is Bolon going to be there?" Hephaestion whispered.

"Enough," Alexander roared, slapping his hand down onto a dresser!! "I made you a promise about Bolon. You doubt me? The word of your king is not enough?"

Hephaestion sobbed and stared fearfully at the unfamiliar man blazing down upon him.

Alexander had to look away from the mesmerizing sight. The candles were flickering over the golden skin, now quivering from fear and rejection. The tremulous eyes were pools of blue. Alexander could see the perfect balls hiding the cleft of Hephaestion's bottom. The want and need was ready to explode from Alexander. The boy caused riotous emotions inside the king. Relenting, he glanced back at the spellbinding sight of his lover.

"If Bolon is there, I will take the opportunity to tell him he is no longer my lover. I will return shortly, Hephaestion. Please compose yourself." Alexander didn't glance back a second time before he walked out the door.

Feeling cold, Hephaestion brought the blankets up around his body. He would use the bathroom and wash up before Alexander returned. He had felt hungry a while ago. Now though, all he felt was a knot in his stomach. He wouldn't know how to go about getting food anyway. He didn't know who to call and he dare not leave the chamber.

After using the bathroom, Hephaestion looked around his temporary prison. He didn't want to explore or to look at Alexander's things without his lover being there. Crawling back into bed, Hephaestion realized that he would have to give in on this. Alexander wouldn't back down. The king would do what he wanted. The only thing Hephaestion could hope for is that Alexander wouldn't desire anybody as much as his husband. Wouldn't love anybody as much as his husband. And if Alexander did stray, then Hephaestion hoped his love could be strong enough to bring Alexander home.

For several days Hephaestion had lived in blissful happiness. Well, he could still be happy. He would just have to change his way of thinking. His joyous dreams had been shattered tonight. If he wanted to follow the king on his ambitious quest for glory, then he would have to learn to make Alexander's dream his own.

Hephaestion cuddled back under the blankets. Closing his eyes, he prayed for sleep to claim him. He thought about the love that Alexander had shown him. He thought about the passion he could always see in Alexander's eyes when looking upon the younger man. Hephaestion tried not to think about the loneliness he felt in the big bed, on this, the first night in the palace of Alexander. Hephaestion was unaware of the tears that streaked his cheeks as he fell into an uneasy slumber.

Alexander paused outside the door. Sickened at the thought that he had wanted to rape his young lover. Had wanted to shut his mouth with hard kisses. Had wanted to push inside the angry boy and impose his will on the lithesome youth. 

Alexander covered his face with his hands. He remembered his father raping his mother, impervious to her cries. He remembered his mothers tears when his father would take a new lover. The younger Alexander had always wished that Phillip would stay faithful to his mother, the mother to the heir. Alexander remembered how he had vowed that he would find a love and cherish that person. Never give them cause for anguish like his mother's. How naive was his thinking? He now had that love, and the boy lay crying alone in their bedchamber. Alexander would never give the promise of monogamy. Never make a promise that he knew he wouldn't keep. He would have to be careful that Hephaestion was never hurt by any affair. Had to make sure that Hephaestion knew that he was loved and adored. Revered in the bed of the king. Most of all he would have to make sure that he never gave Hephaestion reason to look elsewhere. He had meant what he said when he told Hephaestion that he would be allowed no other lover. He wanted no other hands but his own on the body of his breathtaking consort. He would have that drink of wine and return to his husband. Without promising anything, he would let his lover know that he wanted no other man in his bed.

Bolon saw the king outside of the royal bedchamber. If Alexander wasn't inside with his new partner then Bolon knew he still had a chance. He had made a major miscalculation today and would have to admit fault before Alexander pointed out his error. He would win back the bed of Macedonia's leader through understanding and respect. He hadn't come this far to give up his place of power to some young Athenian brat. He quickly pulled off some of his clothes to wrap the items under his arms. 

Alexander looked up to see Bolon picking up an outer robe to shove the garment under his arm. Alexander was angry. At Hephaestion. At Bolon. But mainly at himself. If only he had pushed Bolon away from him earlier today. His one time lover had taken him by surprise. And when Alexander felt the familiar lips pressed against his own, he hadn't thought of pushing the boy away. It was only when he saw Hephaestion's tormented face and heard his mothers scorn that he thought of doing something. By then it was to late. If he had stopped the kiss right away and made Hephaestion feel secure, then none of this would be happening. Hephaestion would never have thought of questioning Alexander's fidelity. He couldn't yell at Hephaestion any more. Not if he wanted the boy's submission to outside influences. No, he could only take out his anger on the boy who used to share his bed. Moving silently and deliberately over to his long time lover, he was shocked when the boy threw himself on the floor at Alexander's feet.

"I'm so sorry, Sire. I'm sorry I hurt you and your new consort. I had missed you so much and I wasn't thinking. I would never do anything that would intentionally cause you trouble." Bolon sobbed against Alexander's ankles.

"Bolon. Bolon, stop. You may get up." 

Alexander stared down with bemusement at the shaking page. When Bolon looked up at him with tears in his brown eyes, Alexander couldn't help thinking about the big blue eyes full of tears that he had just left. These eyes didn't have the luminous quality or the thick long lashes that Alexander liked feeling flutter against his skin. Shaking his head, Alexander realized that it wasn't fair to either of his lovers to make comparisons. Both pair of eyes were full of tears. Zeus save him  from over emotional boys.

Looking up at Alexander, Bolon knew that he had successfully swayed Alexander's chastisement. The tears weren't hard to fake. He had such fear of losing the king that he genuinely did tear up.

"I'm sorry, my king," he cried, clinging harder to Alexander's leg. "I think I should be punished. I will let you beat me if you wish it, Sire. I won't put up any fight." Good touch, he thought.

"Bolon, get up. I am too tired for this," Alexander groaned as he pulled the boy to his feet.  "What are you doing in the hall anyway?"

"Cleitus made me leave so fast, I hardly had time to gather my things. I dropped some and he wouldn't let me pick them up. Alexander, do you forgive me?"

"What you did was very wrong, Bolon. What possessed you to kiss me in front of my consort? Even my mother saw you."

"I wasn't thinking. I just missed you. Will you punish me?"

", I won't punish you. Bolon, I promised Hephaestion I wouldn't see you anymore. We can no longer be lovers."

"I am disappointed of course. Do you love your new consort, Alexander?"

"Zeus, help me. I do."

"Then, I am happy for you, Sire." Seeing the skeptical look in the kings eyes, Bolon drew himself up proudly. "I know what people say about me. That I only slept with you because you are king. That I looked to further myself. Well, I don't care what they say. I do care about what you think. I feel things for you that are not returned. I only wish for your happiness. Yours and your consort. Please don't diminish my feelings."

Alexander had slept with the boy for months. Had feelings for his one time page. It wasn't what he felt for Hephaestion, but he did owe the boy more then his skepticism.

"I am sorry, Bolon. Thank you, you are a good friend."

Bolon looked to Alexander tenderly.

"We are friends, aren't we Alexander? You won't just ignore me when we meet, will you?"

"You have been a good page, and will make a good soldier. I am proud to call you friend." Alexander didn't see any way out of declaring friendship to the boy. Hadn't Bolon declared his own loyalty?

"One more thing, Sire. Then I will slip down the back stairs to the soldiers quarters."

"What is it?"

"May I come to your rooms to pick up the rest of my clothing?"

"Bolon......I don't know."

Bolon hurried on almost fearfully. "I don't want to cause you any problems with Hephaestion, Sire. I can come when he is not there. It will only take a minute. I......I don't have a mother, my king. And I don't get paid much. Sire, I don't have many clothes."

"I'm sorry, Bolon. Yes, you may get your things. I'll tell you when. Run along now. Go get some sleep."

"Yes, Sire. Good health, Alexander." 

Alexander watched the boy hurry to the back stairs before he continued down to the court rooms. Poor kid, he thought. He wished he had given the boy more when they were together.

Bolon stared back balefully at the monarch's door. Soon, he thought ominously. The Athenian would be relegated to the queens wing before too long. And he, Bolon; would be right back where he belonged.

Several of the soldiers had come up to Alexander and apologized for their behavior. Ptolemy and Cassander had let all know that Hephaestion held an important part in the kings life. Cleitus was much more forceful in convincing the soldiers and men of the court that Alexander was in love with the boy. Woe betide any that interfered in their relationship.

"What are you doing here, Alexander?" Ptolomy asked kindly.

"I hear your boy is quite beautiful," said Nerarchus, who sat on the other side of the king. "You should be up showing him the ways of love instead of being down here with us."

Alexander watched the drunken depravity in his hall. Things were better then they were in his fathers time. Alexander didn't allow rape. Other then that, almost any thing goes in the court of Macedonia. Tomorrow there would be a feast for he and Hephaestion. He would have to ask Cleitus to ask the men to tone it down a bit. Hephaestion was still so new to night time court life.

"Alexander. Alexander!"

Alexander looked up to see an angry Cleitus standing over him.

"Why are you here?"

Alexander grimaced and looked away.

"By the Gods, you had a fight with him already, didn't you?"

"I don't think that is any of your business, General."

Cleitus laughed and sat down beside the king, pushing Ptolemy off the couch. Privately he whispered into Alexander's ear.

"You are not to old for me to box your ears. What did you do to him?"

"He was upset about Bolon."

"As well he should be. You didn't break his spirit, did you, Alexander?"

"He threatened to take a lover, Cleitus," Alexander spat.

Cleitus bellowed. "That's the lad! Good for him, for showing some spunk."

"Cleitus, he can't take another lover."

"Nor does he want to, Alexander, It was just threats. He's a boy, and he doesn't know how to handle his rivals."

"He has no rivals. What if he meant it, Cleitus?"

"Alexander, you're the king. It doesn't matter what he wants," Ptolemy said from the floor, where he lay sprawled at Cleitus's feet. He tried to get up when a servant girl met his eyes. 

"Go back to your rooms, Sire," Cleitus said. "You have a delectable boy waiting in your bed."

"Wish I did," Nearchus moaned. He held out his cup to Cassander, who was sitting next to him with a jug of wine.

"Bemoaning your sex life again," Cassander teased. "Alexander what are you doing here?"

"I'm going, I'm going. By Zeus, all you people do is interfere in my relationship!"

"Good thing," Ptolemy muttered as Alexander stormed away.

"First fight after only a week?" Nearchus asked.

'More like third or forth," Cassander laughed. 

"Don't let Hephaestion's beauty fool you when you meet him," Cleitus warned. 

"He is an impudent little minx," Ptolemy added.

"Well, I won't be meeting him for awhile. I will be meeting his father first," Nearchus said. "I meet with Alexander tomorrow morning to discuss my trip to Athens. I sail tomorrow night. It seems they are in need of help from marauding Persians."

The other three generals looked at each other and launched into the tale of Hephaestion's late night swim and Persian abductors.

Alexander's body was taut and frustrated. The image of Hephaestion's sleek silky body stretched naked on cool sheets, waiting for him, was one that burned in his mind. Hephaestion intrigued him as no other man had ever done. The boy was bold and wary, inviting and resisting, innocent and seductive all at the same time. For the first time in his life, he resented the thought of other men being in a lover's life. He wanted all of Hephaestion's time to be his. All of his kisses, all of his moans and cries of passion. He wanted Hephaestion's brilliant young mind and his intoxicating young body to be his alone. A primitive possessiveness ate at him.

When Alexander entered the bedchamber, the image in his head became reality. Hephaestion was on his back, naked under the white pristine sheet. Hair in disarray around his face. Alexander disrobed quickly and climbed onto the bed.

Hephaestion opened his eyes and watched Alexander's slow crawl up the bed where he lay waiting.

"I want you. I'm going to have you." Alexander ran his hand up Hephaestion's thigh, touching the awakening phallus between his legs. He grazed his hand over Hephaestion's balls, gently rolling each of them in his hand. 

"I don't want another man in my bed. Because I was honest with you, you have given me grief on our first night home. I'm telling you now that you have my heart. No other will ever mean anything to me."

Hephaestion had to only look at the king to know that he was angry. His anger wasn't violent, but it was all the more potent for his control.

"Did you mean it when you said you might take another lover? Tell the truth, Hephaestion."

"I.......I didn't mean it, Sire," Hephaestion stuttered. His spine felt chilled when he looked up into Alexander's narrowed eyes. There was something primitive in his expression, and when he touched Hephaestion's trembling jaw with hard lean fingers, a light touch that never the less shocked Hephaestion with it's power and possessiveness.

"I don't share. Do you understand? I don't share. Don't ever lie to me again," Alexander rasped before leaning down to kiss his quivering lover. "Kiss me," he demanded, then took the choice away by fastening his mouth on Hephaestion's. His tongue going deep to give the boy his heady taste.

Hephaestion's eyes closed in a hot swell of pleasure. His hands clenched Alexander's shoulders. The want, the need that vibrated between them was staggering and from the pressure of Alexander's body, Hephaestion could tell he was highly aroused, yet the king seemed to be waiting for some kind of signal. When he pulled away, his face was sufficed with color and his eyes were burning.

"Do you understand, Hephaestion?"

Shuddering with effort to keep from crying, Hephaestion nodded. "I understand, Alexander," he whispered.

Relief flooded Alexander's body. He couldn't let Hephaestion know of his desperation. He urgently fell on his young consort, ravaging Hephaestion's mouth with more deep hard kisses.

Hephaestion was helpless against the magic Alexander practiced on his flesh. He trembled as Alexander's hand again mapped out his body. His kisses had moved down Hephaestion's throat. The kings mouth sucked hard at the pulse in his neck. Crying out with the intensity of his passion, Hephaestion could do nothing but cling to Alexander's shoulders, his nails making small scratches and grooves in the strong arms that held him.

Alexander sucked on the little hardened nipples until Hephaestion whimpered, arching his back to seek more. "Easy baby," he crooned. "I'm going to give you what you need." A primordial instinct that he had never known he possessed made him want to brand Hephaestion as his, so no other man would ever think of trespassing. He straightened and reached for the oil. "Get on your hands and knees, Hephaestion."

Hephaestion quickly scrambled to do as his lover asked, wiggling his pert bottom like a cat in heat.

Alexander smiled at the wantonness of his eager lover. He worked a generously oiled finger into Hephaestion's ass. Feeling the boy relax his muscles for penetration, he added another. Alexander touched the spot inside Hephaestion that made him writhe in pleasure.

"Please, Alexander."

"What, baby? We're just playing. I already fucked you tonight."

"Nooo," Hephaestion cried. "Again." he purred, pushing back onto Alexander's fingers.

Alexander was big, but after the initial burn, it was a feeling Hephaestion couldn't get enough of as he rocked his hips back onto Alexander's cock. It wasn't just the fullness he loved. He whimpered from joy when their balls brushed against each others. The hard slapping power of Alexander pounding against his ass, made Hephaestion push back against every thrust. When Alexander's cock would brush against the gland inside his body, Hephaestion's cries became loud.

Reveling in the tightness of Hephaestion's pulsating entrance, Alexander gripped the boys hip and shoulder in a punishing hold. Hephaestion's keening cries were empowering him to thrust harder into the willing boy. So submissive in his surrender, Hephaestion was all the more beautiful. Alexander couldn't get close enough, deep enough. He buried himself deep and did a slow swiveling gyration against Hephaestion's ass. Reaching underneath the boy, Alexander slowly rubbed the leaking juices into the hardened shaft. He felt so good being buried in the sweet bottom that had clamped so deliciously onto his own steel like cock. 

"You are so beautiful like this, Hephaestion," he groaned, running his other hand down the slick back in front of him. Every slow thrust branded the boy as his. This wasn't a simple basic physical act. It was a act of possession. Hephaestion screamed and convulsed, his orgasm exploding through him, he came and splashed on the sheets below him. A few seconds later, Alexander followed him to completion. Biting his lip to keep from crying out, Alexander thrust deep into Hephaestion, emptying his hot seed deep within the body beneath him.

Sweaty and completely sated, Alexander fell beside Hephaestion. Pulling the boy away from the wet spot he gathered his trembling lover into his arms. Spooning up against Hephaestion's back, he nuzzled his face into the sweet damp hair before him. 

"I love you, Alexander," Hephaestion murmured before falling to sleep.

Alexander lay quietly, trying to stop his racing heart that had sped up upon hearing Hephaestion's heartfelt words.

"I love you too, baby," Alexander whispered to the sleeping boy, holding him a little bit tighter.

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