stonestepper (stonestepper) wrote,

The Kings Consort
part seven

             An AU story

Hephaestion turned in his saddle to wave to his parents. Saddened by his mothers tears, he held his hand to his lips in a gesture of blowing her a kiss. Hephaestion feared never seeing his sisters grow up. Never seeing his parents grow old. Never seeing his beloved Athens again. He waved until they were out of sight and turned in his saddle to ride forward into his future.

Alexander heard the boy sniffle, trying hard to be a man and to not cry. Thankful that Bucephalus was the kind of horse that took any direction from his master, Alexander reined the horse in beside the chestnut gelding that Hephaestion rode, close enough to be able to take his husbands smooth hand in his own. Alexander let his reins go and leaned over to wipe the tears from the woebegone face. When Hephaestion looked at him with his big blue eyes, tears ready to fall, Alexander couldn't help himself. He pulled his beloved from his horse to set the boy sideways in front of him. Ignoring the startled cry, Alexander nodded to Cassander to catch the now loose gelding and rode ahead of the others in what he hoped looked like a romantic moment. He gathered his quietly weeping lover into his arms and kept riding.

"I've never seen anybody this upset about leaving their family," he softly scolded his young lover. "They will visit, you know."

"I don't think they will, Alexander. Father has much to do, and we are leaving for Persia. I think this will be the last time I see my home."

"You will have a new home. With me. Are you sorry for the events that lead to your leaving of Athens?"

Hephaestion rubbed his face on his lovers robe. Looking up at the handsome profile of the king, he felt ashamed of his dramatic emotions.

"Never! I am glad to be by your side, Sire. Happy that you love me. I look forward to our adventure."

"You look upon our invasion of Persia as an adventure?"

"I look forward to learning about the people who have terrorized our lands. To be able to learn from each other and help each other. It will make the world a much smaller place. I also look forward to seeing places that I have only ever read about."

Hephaestion looked at his king with excited eyes, glowing with a boy's enthusiasm.

Alexander kissed the the lips that he had fallen in love with. His beloved was leaving the mantle of boyhood behind and was finding the adventurous young man that had been lurking inside. He himself had been looking at the Persian expedition with great excitement for different reasons altogether. Now Hephaestion's youthful exhilaration gave him new goals. He didn't want to just invade. He wanted to unite for a higher purpose. Alexander looked forward to seeing the world through Hephaestion's eager eyes.

Hephaestion licked his lips, tasting the king's kiss. Not thinking about being atop of a horse and feeling safe in his lovers arms, he reached up to kiss the king back. Upon hearing his lovers moan and unmindful of the soldiers amusement, he arched into Alexander's body. Delighting in the hardness that he felt on his hip, Hephaestion turned to wrap his arms around the king.

Alexander kissed his boy one more time and leaned back to stare at the flushed face. Hephaestion could change emotions so fast, Alexander felt as if a storm had entered his life. With a flick of his wrist, he motioned for Hephaestion's horse.

"Now is not the time, my love. You must learn to control yourself," he teased.

Far from being upset, Hephaestion smiled back. Secure in his kings love, and free of fear and doubt he climbed onto his own beloved horse.

"I don't think you will be able to keep up to a sixteen year olds libido and run a nation at the same time, Alexander." Cleitus had noticed the erection that his king now tried to hide from display.

"I am almost seventeen," Hephaestion said indignantly.

"Ah yes, you are a man now," Cleitus smiled indulgently, the young lord providing him with hours of entertainment. They all enjoyed watching Alexander struggle to maintain the formality of his appearance around the young whirlwind.

Hephaestion laughed at Cleitus's teasing which earned him a place at their side. Hephaestion even teased back, remembering Cleitus playing with his sisters in the Mediterranean.

Amidst the laughter of his friends, Alexander rode quietly, enjoying the camaraderie of his companions and his new consort. The happiness he felt chilled him. This feeling never lasted in life. However when Hephaestion turned to him and smiled, he felt the warmth of love in his heart.

"Hephaestion, tell me about your saddle," Cassander asked.

Hephaestion turned to the handsome general, his eyes glowing enthusiastically.

"Do you like it? A very old man showed me how to do it when I was visiting my grandfather. I make them myself now. The tree that fits over the horses back is carved from hickory. It sits up to the horses withers and lays upon the back, beside the backbone."

Hephaestion sat back behind the saddle to better show the king and his men. Aurum, his horse was used to riding double so he never even flinched. Hephaestion pulled the decorative blanket away from the saddle.

"The wood is carved so that there is room between it and the horses bone. I've double padded it with wet leather stitched around it. It dries to conform to the wood. I put the extra blanket underneath for added protection, and I have the leather girth much like you do. Only mine keeps on the saddle and not just blankets. However I have added stirrups, that you don't use."

"What are they for," Ptolemy asked. "Don't you like the freedom for your feet?"

Hephaestion laughed. "You don't have to use them. I put them on for the games my friends and I played. I could stand high on my horses back and hit any target with my bow and not worry about my feet slipping off the back of my horse."

"You can shoot your arrows while standing on your horse?" Alexander asked, intrigued.

"Yes, we used to have contests. We would also play with balls or flags. I could stand in one stirrup and avoid being hit on one side. Or I could use my feet to be able to lean over to pick something from the ground."

"Your stirrups, they are too low to do the things that you speak of," pointed out Cassander.

"Look, I can adjust them!"

Sitting back in his saddle, Hephaestion moved his leg to lift a leather flap. Exposing a steel buckle. He moved up both stirrups to show the Macedonians how high he could stand on his horse. Taking his feet back out of the leather stirrups, he let his legs dangle.

"I wish for you to show us more when we reach home, Hephaestion." Alexander exchanged looks with his three companions. Already seeing the possibilities of the saddle in the field of battle. Alexander had a big cavalry unit. One he was proud of. Anything that could help these men to victory he would use to his advantage. Anything that would lesson the peril of rider and his horse was to the kings liking.

"Do you know if the Persians have these contraptions?"

"They might. I don't know. I have heard father say that the Persians go to battle in chariots for their cavalry unit. They have long blade-like spikes on the wheels. I'm sorry, my mother wouldn't let father talk to me much of war."

"You have done well, lad," Cleitus said, slapping the boy on the back. Hephaestion almost fell from the blow. After righting himself, he laughed along with the others.

Later that night Hephaestion lay in his kings arms. They were both sated from the quiet lovemaking.

"I am glad we are camping out, instead of finding an inn. I always wanted to sleep under the stars."

"I think you will find the kings tent much more comfortable when we journey south." Alexander held his boy closer to his body, savoring the feel of his young lover. "I was proud of you today. I think you will be able to help us and I was much impressed how you listened to Cleitus talk about swords. He will be of much help to you. I hesitate to say that you will be actually fighting with our army though."

"I can learn, Alexander. I want to be by your side."

"We will see. Listen to your king now, and go to sleep. We are riding hard. I wish to be home soon."

"I hope your mother likes me, Alexander. Is there anything I can say to her that would aid in our meeting?" Hephaestion laid his head upon the kings shoulder, moving closer to heat of Alexander's body.

Hearing his lovers yawn, Alexander was saved from answering by the interruption of Morpheus claiming his lover. Glancing around the campsite, at his companions by the distant fire and his soldiers guarding their sleep, Alexander felt at peace. He held Hephaestion even closer and shut his eyes.

The kings party reached the home of an old friend of Phillips. It was late afternoon, but with Pella only a few hours ride, the party decided to stop and clean up for the night. Alexander wished for he and Hephaestion to be refreshed for the greeting of his consort to Macedon's court.

The soldiers all drifted out to the outer barns. Gifted with food and jugs of wine, Alexander was glad for the personal guard of his old friend.

After dinner the king and his companions sat comfortably on the porch of their host.

"It's a good thing your father is not around, Sire. You would have had a hard time keeping Phillip away from your young consort." Draman laughed, well aware of his old kings faults when it came to young men.

Seeing the fleeting look of pain cross Cleitus's face, Alexander answered his loyal friend.

"We all know that. My father never realized the things he had in life. Never appreciated those that loved him. I think he would have been surprised at Hephaestion though. Don't let his sweet nature fool you. He has a hidden temper."

"All the better," Draman cried. "A spirited boy!"

The five men watched the antics of Draman's two boys play with Hephaestion and a litter of puppies. The nine and ten year old boys had fallen in love with Hephaestion and the three were rolling around on the grass. The puppies jumping from one boy to the other. It was an endearing sight. Sexy and sweet at the same time. Hephaestion looked so innocent and young, his inhibitions gone when playing with the puppies. Alexander wished he could join his lover. He had never had the chance to simply enjoy baby animals. When Hephaestion glanced up and met the eyes of the king, his face flushed with awakening passion. Alexander's heart swelled as well as his groin. Recognizing the look in the boy's eyes, he felt the familiar wave of desire for the young man.

"Excuse me, I will see if Hephaestion wants to walk before we retire."

The companions smirked at each other and laughed outright when the younger boys cried to go.

Alexander held his hand out, hauling Hephaestion to his feet. The puppies clamoring over their feet.

"Would you like to stroll by the stream, my love?"

The two boys jumped up, both grabbing one of Hephaestion's hands and pulling him towards the stream.

Hephaestion looked back longingly at his king, who looked back imploringly to his host.

Draman laughed and called the boys in to ready for bed. They reluctantly handed Hephaestion over to their enduring king, and gathered up the puppies.

"It seems I must always rescue you, beloved. So, did you enjoy playing with the puppies, my boy? You realize that you are the consort of a king now? You do not need to roll around with the children of old soldiers."

Taking the statement as a rebuke, Hephaestion flushed. "I am sorry my lord."

"I could see your ass outlined through those pants you insist on wearing. Looking delectable. You're lucky I didn't ravish you in front of everybody."

"What was I supposed to say when the boys asked me if I wanted to see their puppies?"

Alexander laughed, holding the indignant boy close to his side.

"You smell like the puppies. Lets go bathe. I will have to wash you down myself."

New to the marriage bed, Hephaestion still blushed at any sexual innuendo. Much to Alexander's delight.

Eyes glowed at the thought of Alexander's soapy hands gliding over his body, soaping his wet behind, maybe fisting his phallus with the foamy substance. Hephaestion groaned.

"Let's go now," he said, his voice husky with passion.

Alexander who could read his lover's mind, had the same ideas. Although he felt like torturing his consort a while longer.

"We will walk first. You have to learn to control your youthful urges."

"Ohh!" Hephaestion felt like stomping his feet. "Fine," he said, wrapping his arms around Alexander and pressing his supple body against the kings.

It was Alexander's turn to groan. But, he persevered for another minute.

"I suppose I will have to get you a puppy now?" Alexander loved teasing his young lover.

"I like dogs, but I don't need a puppy."

"No, you want a fluffy Persian kitten."

Hephaestion stopped and drew back, staring at his lover with astonished eyes.

"How.........I mean.......I don't...........Ale, are you teasing me?"

Alexander laughed. "I heard you tell your sister that you wanted a kitten. A little kitten that you can hold and play with and sleep with," Alexander teased his blushing husband.

"Shh, someone will hear you. I'll never live it down."

"What? That you want a kitten?" Alexander was still laughing.

"That's it," Hephaestion cried. He wrestled Alexander's arm off his shoulder and turned to jump on the kings back. Alexander held Hephaestion's legs and let the boy ride piggy back for several steps.

Hephaestion leaned down to whisper in his lover's ear. "I don't need a kitten. I've got a big cat to play with now. I can hold you and sleep with you. You even purr like a cat after we.........."

Hephaestion gave a little cry as Alexander gently flipped him over his shoulders to lay him in a gradual manner on the ground. Before Hephaestion knew it, he was on his back with the king straddling his legs.

"I don't purr," Alexander snarled. "Although, I will make you purr, kitten lover!"

Their playfulness changed instantly when organs swelled, and desire billowed over them. Alexander rose and pulled Hephaestion with him. They hurried back to the others, who had sat watching the kings interesting play.

"Cleitus make sure the soldiers don't drink to much. We will see you in the morning." Thanking his host for his hospitality, Alexander started to go inside. Hephaestion who still wanted his bath, whispered in the kings ear.

"Draman, could you have a bath sent up?"

Children ran out to greet the king. Others came from inside homes and from fields of grains and mock battles. All wanted to see the new consort of their king. It was a greeting for royalty that met them at the palace. All the soldiers had lined up outside to hail their leader. Cleitus had wanted to ride ahead and warn the court and it's soldiers to act with decorum. Alexander had overestimated his army and held his companion back. When finally reaching the palace, Alexander regretted his decision.

"He's a beauty, Sire!" One man shouted.

"Let me be the one to treat him right, Alexander!"

"I'll show the Athenian what a Macedonian cock feels like!"

"Give him to me, Sire!"

"I'll take him, Alexander!"

"Enough!" Cleitus shouted. "This is the consort of the king. He is loved. Anybody who shows him disrespect, disrespects our king. Anybody who harms him will not only bear the wrath of Alexander, but his companions as well. Get out! Go back to your homes. I hope a better greeting will be made tomorrow."

"I will talk to them, Alexander," Ptolemy said. Alexander had dismounted and was standing beside his lover who sat gripping the mane of Aurum. Both looking as if they wanted to bolt.

Hephaestion looked down upon Alexander's blond hair, noting the sunlight that shown from the tresses. He didn't understand what had just happened. He did know that it wasn't good.  Seeing a beautiful woman walk down the steps, regal in her bearing and a snake wrapped around her neck, Hephaestion dismounted.

"My son," Olympias said, hugging Alexander. She heard the whispered warning in her ear. "Is this the boy," she asked haughtily

"My lady, I am Hephaestion. I am so happy to finally meet you."

With no regard for the snake, Hephaestion hugged his mother in law.

"You are as beautiful as Alexander said. And what a wonderful snake."

"You are beautiful yourself, Hephaestion. My son must have been quite surprised at this."

"I think we surprised each other." Hephaestion laughed and reached out to pet the red and black snake.

"You are not scared of my baby, Hephaestion?"

"Alexander or the snake, my queen?"

Much to the astonishment of Alexander and his companions, Olympias laughed. An unheard of sound.

"You know that the snake is a grass snake. What do you know of my son?"

"I know that the snake is the more harmless of the two," Hephaestion bantered.

"I think you are about to find out how harmful a real snake can be,"  the queen whispered.

Bolon ran down the steps to throw his arms around Alexander. He flattened his body against the kings and rubbed suggestively.

To the chagrin of both Hephaestion and Olympias, they saw Bolon kiss the king warmly. Worse then that, Alexander didn't push the boy away.  Hephaestion, who was still standing next to Olympias, gripped the queens hand and moved unconsciously closer to her. Olympias, feeling Hephaestion gravitate to her as if for protection against this new pain, lashed out at her son and his uninvited lover.

"Young man, how dare you interrupt a family greeting," she hissed. "Cleitus, see this boy out of our home and make sure he vacates his present rooms. Quickly, Cleitus," she warned.

Understanding the queens words, Cleitus, with an I told you so look at Alexander, pulled the boy from the kings arms and dragged him up the palace steps.

Unfortunately, Hephaestion also understood the queens words.

"Alexander," Olympias said. "That was an action befitting your father. I thought I was again looking at Phillip. Only this time I saw through an innocent's eyes. You owe your consort an apology." Turning to Hephaestion, she kissed the boys cheek. "Be strong, Hephaestion," she whispered. Louder, she said, "You will break your fast with me on the morrow, child. I wish to get to know you. And I will tell you all you need to know about the man you married. Maybe you can tell me about your ceremony?"

"I.........I would like that, my queen."

"Call me Olympias, child," she said as she left, much to the surprise of the others. Ptolemy and Cassander quietly bid Hephaestion good night. They both would watch out for the conniving lover of the king.

Olympias swept from the courtyard to go to her rooms, dismayed that the boy had moved something inside her. She was going to greet her sons consort with aloofness and disdain. An unwelcome addition into her home. Instead she had befriended him. She had always felt great sadness when confronted with Phillips lovers. She had been able to handle it much better then the innocent child she had just met. When she felt the humiliation and unhappiness radiate from the boy, she again felt the pain from Phillip's mistreatment. When she felt the boy move closer to her for security as if from his own mother, she had felt a unity. In consternation, she sat down to think about the turn of events that had just happened.

Alexander watched his mother leave. She had liked Hephaestion. Had befriended him. Reaching out to take Hephaestion's arm, he felt his lover subtly turn away. He watched Hephaestion bid Cleitus goodnight. His general who had returned from inside the palace had the same air about him as his mother. Protective. Not against Bolon, but against him! Phillip's son.

Still hurt from the jeers and the salacious taunts from the soldiers, followed by the greeting of the handsome young man who was obviously still his husbands lover, Hephaestion's pain was unbearable. While following Alexander to their rooms, he wouldn't let the king touch him. The boy had reeked of heavy oils and now Alexander had the scent on him.

Upon entering the rooms they saw the hurried effort to clean the room . Several maids were changing sheets and cleaning both the sitting rooms and the sleeping room. Hephaestion saw yet another girl cleaning the bathroom.

"Thank you, Cleitus," he whispered to himself.

Alexander pulled Hephaestion out onto the balcony, closing the doors behind him.

"Baby, say something."

"I don't know what to say," Hephaestion whispered brokenly. "I was so happy. I feel......Why...Why were those men saying those things? Are........Are you giving me to them?"

"By Zeus, no! They were just being ignorant. They know the circumstances of our joining. I'll talk to them, Hephaestion."

"Who was that boy? A lover? Doesn't he know that you were leaving to be married?"

"Hephaestion, I......"

"He has been sleeping in this room. You were not even planning to spend my first night here together? You were going to keep seeing him, weren't you? Are you still?"

"Hephaestion, no. I will never have him again. I promise. I have made many mistakes. I am not perfect. I didn't know I was going to love you this much. It's different now."

Hephaestion wanted to cry. His whole world suddenly looked different.

"Alexander, are.........are you going to be with other men?"


"Just tell me. I need to know the truth."

Alexander knew how he was when need was upon him.

"I can't promise not to be with anybody else. Hephaestion, it won't mean anything. If it happens it will be just to relieve pressure."

"Pressure?  You mean if I am across the courtyard or lunching with your mother? Or if I am with your companions for the hours of training you set up for me?"

"It won't be like that! You don't understand the difficulties of running an empire. Now we are going to war. We will be many years on a difficult campaign. We will often have to be away from each other. I will never intentionally hurt you, Hephaestion. You will always be the one I wish to be with."

Hephaestion thought about what the king was saying. Not hurt him? Just the words were causing him anguish.

"So does that mean that when you are away and need to relieve your body's tension, it is alright for me to do the same?"

In two strides, Alexander had Hephaestion's upper arms tightly in his grasp.

"You will not take any other lovers, Hephaestion! It is not allowed."

"I have learned what is Macedonian law, Alexander. I asked a friend of my fathers when I went into Athens. I didn't want to ever embarrass you. I read that your law states that a wife must be chaste, while a consort has no such rule."

"I am the king, Hephaestion. I make the laws."

"If you can not control your body's needs, then why must I?"

"Enough of this! I will allow you no others, Hephaestion. I hope you jest, my love. You will not like the consequences if you do not."

"You will not know, you will be away."

Angered at his lovers words, Alexander dragged Hephaestion into the bedroom. Yelling at the maids who just finishing cleaning to get out, he threw Hephaestion onto the bed.

"I will kill any that touch you, Hephaestion. "

Ripping the clothes from Hephaestion's body, Alexander held the boy down. He was strong, but he was not trained.

"I don't want you," Hephaestion cried. His anger and fear making him tremble with frustration. He hated the heat that rose in his body when feeling the touch of his king.

"You do want me and that scares you. You will fight your own body's need, for fear of appearing weak. You will enjoy what your body is meant for, Hephaestion. My touch. My violation. No other. You were meant for a king. No other will touch what belongs to Alexander."

Alexander reached over and coated his fingers with oil from a bowl on his night table. Placing two at Hephaestion's puckered entrance, he gently pushed inside. He didn't move his fingers. He just let them stay inside his lover, getting him used to the fullness that would soon follow. Making him crave his kings body. Making Hephaestion need him with the same intensity that he needed Hephaestion. Pulling his fingers out and wiping them on the bed, he leaned down to kiss his lover. Alexander's lips ravaged Hephaestion's face, and then he was kissing him. His tongue plunging deeply. The full force of his passion released in an explosion of longing in the younger man. Standing to tear off his own clothes, He watched Hephaestion's eyes darken. Swiping his phallus with the oil, he raised his lover's legs to rest upon his shoulders.

"You are mine. I have told you this. Say it. Say it!"

"Yes, yes. Yours. Please, Alexander."

When Alexander slowly entered Hephaestion mere seconds later, he brought forth a moan from deep within Hephaestion's body. Alexander started to thrust much more roughly. The sensation he was creating inside Hephaestion's body was causing the boy to cry out. Alexander began to undulate his torso in the most delightful way. Not completely withdrawing, but grinding his hips against Hephaestion's ass instead. His pleasure spot was hit repeatedly. When Alexander touched his weeping organ, rubbing his own wetness over it as he pulled on it gently, Hephaestion could take no more. He climaxed almost immediately, unknowingly raising his hips to slam into Alexander's thrust, bringing a cry from the kings own mouth. Hephaestion could feel the pulsing of the kings orgasm deep inside his body. This kept his own sweet throbbing alive and lasting much longer then Hephaestion thought possible.

Hephaestion felt his limbs being lowered and opened his eyes to see the king watching him.

"You are so beautiful, Hephaestion. I love watching you spend in my arms."

"You watch me?"

"It is a part of my pleasure."

"I will try it the next time I make love."

"You will drive me crazy, looking into your incredible eyes as you reach your peak."

"Maybe it won't be your eyes, Sire," Hephaestion said quietly.
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