stonestepper (stonestepper) wrote,

The Kings Consort
part five

     This is an Alternate Universe story

"Is there tea?" Alexander asked, when entering the outer rooms. He could see some of his soldiers outside. They appeared to be talking to some of the household staff of Lord Amnitor.

"The servants made coffee today. Amnitor has it shipped from Egypt. One of the few suppliers he has left, it would seem." Ptolemy had answered his king while already pouring the man a cup of the rich brew. He added cream and just a bit of honey, the same way Alexander took his tea.

Alexander absent mindedly took a sip of the strong hot liquid as he watched the doings of his soldiers. Cleitus smiled when he saw the king frown and take another sip.

"Coffee?" Alexander turned with an inquiring look on his face. "Why am I drinking this?"

"Lady Amnitor asked her servants to make us some," Ptolemy answered. "I think it's good. Lord Amnitor trades wine for the beans that make the brew."

"It's Hephaestion's favorite drink," Cleitus added with a smirk. "His mother has arranged for several boxes of the stuff to be sent north with us. Along with all his possessions."

"Is that what they are doing out there?" Alexander rubbed at the ache in his head. He had been up for most of what had remained of his night, thinking about Hephaestion. And now this?

"What do you mean, all his possessions?" he asked. "He doesn't need to take anything. I can provide my lover with whatever he may need. Coffee? She's sending coffee?"

"Most brides bring their things to their new home, Alexander," Cleitus laughed when his king glared at him for calling Hephaestion his bride. "Really Alexander, it's for his mother as well. She wants to make sure her son is happy. Let him have his things. He's leaving his home and most likely will never come back here again."

"He is just a boy," Ptolemy said quietly.

Alexander nodded, sobered by the thought.

"Is there any more of that brew left?" Cassander asked, coming in from the outside. "Joy to you, Sire. Lady Amnitor asked me to tell you to make sure Hephaestion doesn't drink much of the coffee at night. She says it makes him hyper. She's going to be telling you how to take care of her baby until we are out of her sight, I think."

"I don't think it's the coffee," Alexander bemoaned. "I think it's him! I still can't get over what he pulled last night."

"The boy wanted to go swimming one last time," Ptolemy said on behalf of the boy and his friends. "It's no more then what we used to do. We would get ourselves into some tough situations."

"Yes, but we were able to get ourselves out. Most of the time," Alexander said with a grin, directed at Cleitus. "Hephaestion is like a babe."

"Alexander, his father isn't much better," Cleitus said. "He's no more equipped to protect his land then Aristotle is. I think he is a wonderful man and his hearts in the right place, but he is a nobleman not a soldier. His city and his lands are perfect. But defense? He needs help."

"I'll find a retired general who is willing to come down here. As a defense adviser of course. These people still own their own lands."

"Alexander, Lord Amnitor told us he has ships patrolling the sea," Cassander added. He was still upset about the lack of security for Athens sons and daughters. "These people were great sailors once, I think over the years they have lost that edge. That slaver ship sailed right into the palace harbor. I know they would have climbed the palace walls and stolen Hephaestion right from his bed. They must have thought it was their lucky day to see those boys cavorting on the beach last night."

"I thought of that. I'm sending Nearchus down with a steward and now a general. He can stay and give the sailors some tips in defending their coast. It should help until we can put a stop to the slavers. I wish we could have captured that ship last night. I look forward to meeting Bessos on the field of battle."

"Men like him, they run from the field of battle," Cleitus spat.

"I'm going to kill him," Alexander said dangerously. "Twice he has tried to hurt what is mine. If I have to chase him to the four corners of the Persian empire, I will kill him."

"We're with you, Alexander."

Alexander sat down and poured himself another cup of the rich coffee, this time leaving out the honey. He felt pathetically closer to his betrothed while drinking it.

"Between the four of us, I have become quite enamored of my intended consort." Alexander continued, ignoring the knowing looks of his generals. "As much as I love his endearing ways, last night brought home to me how innocent and unprepared Hephaestion is for entering Macedon. Let alone following an army across Asia."

"What are you going to do,Alexander?" Ptolemy knew to tread carefully when Alexander's boy was concerned.

"I don't want him to become hard. And truthfully, unless something terrible happens to him, I think he will always retain most of his sweetness. He needs to protect himself though. He needs to be able to be a useful part of our army. Interestingly enough, his father told me that the boy is an excellent archer. He has beaten boys and men alike in tournament. He even has many sets of bows and makes his own arrows. It was his mother who wouldn't let him put his skill to practical use."

"We can use good archers, Alexander.," Ptolemy said, excited at the prospect.

"When we get home, you can direct him in the proper use of an archer, Ptolemy. His father also told me he is an accomplished rider. If he insists on growing up and being a part of a fighting army, then I want him beside me in the cavalry. I will need your help, Cassander. Watch him on the ride home. Cleitus, I want you to teach him to use a sword. And teach him to fight. Set a couple hours out each day for him. And for my sake, don't let him get to hurt. I would like to enjoy his smooth skin for awhile longer," Alexander grinned. "I will be helping him with these things also. I just want him to learn direction from other soldiers. And not have his lover telling him constantly what to do."

"Except in bed," Cassander leered.

"Teach him your herbs, Alexander," Cleitus reminded his king. "It is good for any man to have the gift of healing."

"You want to leave for Persia in two months, Sire. He can not learn all this in that time," Ptolemy warned. "It took us years."

"We had other education in that time also. Hephaestion has already had that. He will have to learn while we journey. In nine days time he turns seventeen. You can start with him after that. Until then, he is mine. I want to show him around Macedon and give us a chance to get to know each other. We will not have time like this again."

"Enjoy your love for a few days, Alexander," Cleitus said softly. "You were very lucky to find such a rare treasure. I know you are king, and you are getting impatient to rule the world, but don't ever let the glitter of being king let you forget the gem you have in your hand."

"I won't, Cleitus. But why are you saying these things to me?"

"Because I want to talk to you about Bolon."

Alexander was quiet. He leaned back in his seat and contemplated his companion.

"What about him?"

"I don't want you to treat Hephaestion like your father treated me. I don't want you to treat Bolon like your father treated Pausanias."

"I would never hurt either of them like that."

"No, not the same way. I know that. Unintentionally, both of them are going to be hurt though. And I don't want Bolon to treat you to what Pausanias treated your father too. Pausanias didn't have anybody except your father to take his anger out on. Bolon might see Hephaestion as the person in his way of being in the bed of the king."

"Cleitus, these thoughts, they scare me.'

"They're meant too. Bolon has been almost a steady bed mate of yours for a year now. Are you giving him up?"

"This is none of your business."

""Yes it is, Alexander," the kindly Ptolemy snapped. "You have been fucking this boy and you don't see him the way we do. I like Hephaestion. I don't want to see him hurt."

"You are not trying to tell your king he must be faithful to his consort are you?"

"No, we unfortunately know you won't be. But for Hephaestion's sake, be circumspect about it."

"Alright, alright. I already told Bolon I was joining with a boy from Athens."

"I bet you also told Bolon that nothing would change, didn't you?"

Alexander was quiet.

"You told everybody who would listen that you were being forced to marry the son of Athens so that you could save your people from going to war. You told people how ugly the boy must be to be a virgin at sixteen. You even told your men that as long as they were kind, that you would welcome a lover for Hephaestion. You set the tone for what your consort is walking into, and yet you sit there so defensively about Bolon. Didn't you just tell us that you loved the boy? Don't be like your father, Alexander."

"Shut up! Enough! I will see that Hephaestion comes to no harm, and I will see that Bolon knows that our relationship is over. Are you happy now?"

"I only think of the health of the house of Alexander, my king."

"Oh quit being humble, you old fool. Is this what I can expect? You three mother hens making sure that Hephaestion is happy? Fine then! Go get your loin cloths and your robes on. We are taking Hephaestion and his sisters swimming."



"Alexander, we are not babysitting, while you hump your lover in the sea!"

"Alexander, you know I don't swim well," Ptolemy cried.

"You can stay close to the beach with the little girls," Cassander laughed

"Be quiet, Cassander. You have to watch one of the girls too."

"Unlike you, I like to swim."

"Generals, you are the ones who said that poor Hephaestion just wanted to go swimming. And you also told me how poor Hephaestion may never come back to his home again. So lets go up to the main house and gather our charges. Just for an hour or two. That's an order. Be ready in one half hour."

Alexander chuckled to himself to hear his grumbling companions. It would be good for them to play with children and forget war for awhile. Alexander had already arranged for six of his soldiers to watch the horizon from the rim. Since he was dressed for the water already, Alexander sat back and contemplated what the men had to say.

As prince, Alexander could have any man or woman he wanted. And he tried both. After the death of his father he had servants, pages, maids, even noble men and women throwing themselves at the new young king. He had fought in Thebes to find even the young people of his greatest enemies to date wanted to bed him. Not Alexander, but King Alexander. Bolon had been different. Whether he had been smarter and knew how to play Alexander as his companions suggested, Alexander didn't know. He did know that he soon tired of the constant round of bodies. He wanted something more. and Bolon had offered what he could. The boy was only a year older then Hephaestion, yet years older in experience. He had gotten used to the boy in his bed and in his rooms and Bolon might have gotten used to it also. It just seemed as if one day he was always around. He had never promised the boy anything though, and Bolon would have to be told that Hephaestion was the most important thing in his life now. He would also have to let people know quickly that Hephaestion was off limits. He hoped his boy never found out about the things Alexander said about him before he even knew him.

After arranging to meet his men on the beach, he arranged to have servants bring drinks and snacks for the children, young and old alike. He was grateful that Lady Amnitor was in the gardens directing the small army of servants to have everything just right for her sons joining tomorrow. His own marriage ceremony, Alexander thought. He wished he had brought his mother to witness his nuptials. At the time, he scoffed at the male bonding ritual and so had his mother, grateful that she wasn't losing her son to a bride. 

Hephaestion had been wronged. He deserved to have the support of Macedon. Alexander decided then and there that when his in laws came to visit in a months time he would have a Macedonian ceremony for his beloved.

"He's still sleeping, son." Amnitor had come into the hall from another door. "Why don't you go wake him up before Callie comes back into the hall. The twins are to young for the sea but I'll have Dani and Tania ready for when you come down. This is a good thing you are doing, Sire. It will be a fond memory for my kids," 

"He will get back here someday, Celeas." Even as Alexander said the words, he knew it was doubtful.

"One can always have hope, Sire. Go on now, go wake your betrothed."

The light was shining in Hephaestion's spacious rooms. Alexander deliberately didn't look at his sleeping lover. He saw the packed bags, ready for travel. Saw the marriage tunic and robes that Hephaestion would wear. They were in the colors of the house of Amnitor. A crown lay on the dresser, ready for flowers to be put in it, ribbons were already wrapped through it. Ribbons the color of both their houses. Alexander turned away, guilty that he had seen Hephaestion's joining finery. He couldn't wait to see his beautiful lover in his clothes. Alexander had seen Hephaestion dressed like a servant, dressed in his favorite togas, but never the regal clothes of his people.

Turning away from the marriage clothes, Alexander wandered out to the balcony. Looking down onto the courtyard, Alexander realized how far up it was. The boy had climbed down the wall last night with no fear of the height. Alexander would have to be more careful in the future. Hephaestion would try anything in the army, long before he was ready.

Finally he turned back to his lover. Hephaestion lay sprawled on his stomach. Alexander smiled at the sight. It was a good thing he had a big bed at home. He sat on the edge of the bed, his breathing had started to get a bit heavier. Hephaestion was naked, with only a sheet twisting around his legs. Before reaching out to touch his boy, Alexander drank his fill. He didn't have much time, people were waiting. His eyes wandered down from the golden toned back to a very slim waist. Alexander couldn't wait to span the waist again, to hold the boy close to his body. Alexander actually found himself licking his lips at the sight of Hephaestion's rounded behind. Hairless soft skin, taut over muscled cheeks. Alexander ran his fingers lightly over the twin mounds, slipping his hand in the shadowed cleft, reveling in the heat emanating from his boy. 

Hephaestion moaned and rolled over, dislodging the delicious feeling from his bottom. Opening his eyes and blinking twice he moaned his sires name.

"Alexander?" Hephaestion asked, not quite believing his eyes.

"You were expecting somebody else?" Alexander chuckled at Hephaestion's sleepy look. He looked so adorable and desirable. His big blue eyes blinking up at him, his hair tousled around his face. Alexander had never seen a more beautiful sight. He watched the transformation of warm sleepy boy to waking seductive siren. Saw Hephaestion's body automatically move closer to his own. Alexander caressed the smooth chest, tweaking a nipple, before running his hand over the thin trail of silky hair leading to Hephaestion's aching phallus. The boy whimpered and arched into his hand.

"Alexander, please," he sighed.

""What, baby?"

"Do you want to.....?"

"Do I want to what?" Alexander continued to rub his hand teasingly over the quivering body. He felt the firm thighs. Slim and shapely. He couldn't wait to to lay between them, feeling them lift to wrap around his waist.

" could come inside me again."

"I want nothing more then to come inside you. But I want to wait for our wedding night."

Hephaestion moaned. Alexander's hand was still tracing patterns on his sensitive skin.

"you could kiss me...there." Hephaestion leaned up to reach for Alexander, the light in his feverish eyes shining bright. "Or.......I could kiss you there. Oh please let me, Alexander."

Alexander marveled at the boys excitement at the thought of pleasuring his lover. Once again Alexander felt lucky and humbled to be the fortunate one to be the recipient of Hephaestion's awakening passions. The young man was trembling in anticipation, ripe for any loving. The king opened his robe and lowered his loin cloth. He laid down on the bed and rolled Hephaestion to lay on top of him, aligning their cocks so that they collided with each other. He looked up at his eager young lover.

"We'll save those things for tomorrow night. Just rub on me baby, until we hit our peak. Kiss me."

He knew Hephaestion wouldn't last long. The boy was so new to his body's enjoyment and he was to far gone. When Hephaestion lowered his lips to touch Alexander's, the king lapped at the boy's tongue. He tasted good, even after sleeping. He must have ate something after the big swimming scare. Apples. He tasted like apples. Hephaestion moaned into Alexander's mouth, the sensation engulfing him. The king could feel his lover's impending orgasm as the boy took control of their pace.

Wrapping his arms around the king as much as he could, Hephaestion lowered his head to bury his face in Alexander's moist neck, breathing in the manly smell of his lover. He loved how Alexander held him gently, letting him grind his own throbbing shaft against the searing heat of Alexander's.  Feeling their bodies slip and slide while being ground together, Hephaestion vibrated in pleasure. His body gave one last thrust against Alexander's, and he came in an almost devastating orgasm. 

Alexander held Hephaestion tightly. The boys cry against his neck and his rapturous climax, triggered Alexander's own release. He smiled when Hephaestion lifted his head and glowed triumphantly. Alexander rolled him back under his body. For a moment he took back his dominate position, before kissing his lover tenderly and sitting up. He wiped both their bodies with the sheet that was now tangled on the bed.

"Get dressed. My men and your sisters are waiting for your lazy bones."

"I'm not lazy! I was up all night," Hephaestion cried indignantly. "Why, where are we going?" He asked after a moments thought.

"Swimming. I want to swim in the sea before we go home."

"Really?" Hephaestion beamed at him in high spirited happiness.

"Hurry up." Alexander laughed at Hephaestion's enthusiasm as he hurried to get dressed. He rushed to the bathroom, shyly shutting the door behind him, emerging moments later in a toga like swimming suit. Alexander couldn't wait for tomorrow night.

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