stonestepper (stonestepper) wrote,

The Kings Consort
part three


                This is an Alternate Universe story

Hephaestion quietly closed the door behind him. The last thing he wanted to do was wake his parents, even though his room was at the end of the long corridor. He walked slowly over to his bed to sit down, but remained standing. In the last hour his world had changed. He had waited for his father to retire. After hearing him tell his mother earlier that day that he would be up after midnight. Hephaestion knew that he wouldn't have a long wait. He needed to speak to Alexander. The things that he had seen, had woken something inside him. For as long as he could remember, his mother had taken he and his sisters to her fathers whenever the months of court were being held.  Telling them, that it was long and boring business that they wouldn't need to be around father for that.. Grandfather lived on one of the islands. An island hidden by other islands, that made sailing to it difficult. However once they were there, they could swim and play in relative safety. Now, after all these years; Hephaestion understood why. Why they were taken away. And why they were threatened with punishment if they ventured down to the courts main hall late at night. Mother had to have known what went on, and after keeping it from him all these years, Hephaestion knew the secrets of the night.  

Hephaestion slumped to the cool floor and leaned his head back against the bed. He had woken up from his dreamlike life and seen the world around him. Had others laughed at his innocence?  It's not as if he were stupid. He had seen animals. He knew that men and women must do something like that in order to have children. For some reason, he never wanted to think about what men and women did together. When his father told him he was to be joined with another man, and he hoped for the king of Macedonia, it all seemed right to him. So of course he wondered. He was scared though, scared a fat, older man like some of his fathers friends would want him. And when he thought of men like that, his dreaming stopped. It had sickened him to think about kissing somebody like that. And then he learned about the young king, and he dared to let himself dream a little bit. He imagined kissing and maybe touching each other. Never did he dream about the things he saw tonight. He saw boys on their knee's with the phallus of other men in their mouths. Would the king want Hephaestion to do that to him? Would Alexander do it in return? The men were touching each other in places where Hephaestion had never even touched himself. And he saw penetration. Boys and girls with their skirts around their waist were on their hands and knee's or bouncing on men's laps. Everywhere in the room acts of passion were going on, except the royal couches; and Hephaestion hadn't been able to take it all in. So he had a vague notion of seeing Alexander. For once he dared to sneak back to the hall, surprised when nobody stopped him. He had stopped when he saw the two rutting, thinking that the man had hair like Alexander's. Clothes like Alexander's. And it dawned on Hephaestion what he was seeing. His betrothed rutting with the boy who brought him tea in the morning. His intended pushing his male organ into the boy's bottom. Hephaestion watched when he wanted to pull his lover away from the boy. Watched when he wanted to jump them and lash out in fury. Watched when the betraying thought came to him, that he wished it were him that Alexander was mating with. And with that thought he knew rage. Knew jealousy. It should be him. After the wonderful afternoon they had, how could.........? It hadn't been enough for Alexander. 

Hephaestion got up onto the bed to lay down. He felt anguished tears fall from his eyes and couldn't be bothered to wipe them away. He wanted to run far from home, yet he knew that wouldn't help his city. He also knew that he still wanted to join with Alexander. He would have to think about the way he would act. He knew that Alexander loved him. He could see it in his eyes. Knew that he was desired by the king. Maybe it was as his mother said, just a lack of proper upbringing. Hephaestion would somehow have to tell the king that he didn't want him to do that with other boys. Would Alexander be mad? Would he ignore the wishes of his young consort? He was a soldier, a warrior, why would he listen to Hephaestion? He started to sniffle, and his teary eyes were growing heavy. His heart felt so full of sadness that he didn't think he could take it. He wondered how Alexander would feel if the situation was reversed.

Alexander walked quietly beside Cleitus. Hephaestion had said that he hated him, the words causing pain in Alexander's chest. It hadn't even been that good, he thought defiantly. The boy had been wet from another's seed, and smelled from days old sweat. He felt like cursing the Gods for allowing Hephaestion to enter the outer hall at that moment. The boy wouldn't understand how meaningless it was. He still saw through a veil. Well maybe not anymore. If only he and Amnitor had remembered to send him from the hall earlier. Alexander didn't think he would ever forget those beautiful eyes so full of pain, the lips quivering from trying not to cry. He hated himself for causing pain to reach his sweet betrothed.

"Alexander, I think you love him," Cleitus mused beside him.

"I don't love him!"

"I think you do. I don't blame you if you did. I have never seen a more charming boy. It is as if Zeus has dropped him in our world with no preparation for its harshness. Tread carefully, Alexander. I feel he is a great gift to our kingdom."

"You didn't even want me to join with him, Cleitus."

"I have changed my mind. He will be good for you."

"I don't even know what to say to him."

"Macedon's great diplomat, the man who talked a nation into invading Persia. You don't even know what to say to one small boy? The answer is in front of your face, Alexander."

"By the gods, Cleitus. Stop with the theatrics. Just tell me."

"Tell him you're sorry, Alexander."

Hephaestion awoke to somebody setting tea on his bedside table.

"Good morning, my lord. I hope you slept well."

Hephaestion opened his eyes. How could the gods do this to him? The same boy who had allowed Alexander to penetrate his body. No embarrassment or shame. A smug look was on his face that Hephaestion wanted to wipe off. He had never raised his hand at another, and now he wanted to hit this boy and Alexander too.

The boy was just standing beside the bed, smirking down at a tear stained Hephaestion. He loved getting one over on the masters young son. So innocent of the world.

"Was there something you wanted?"

"I wanted to apologize for last night," the boy said insincerely.

"Get out," Hephaestion said to the smug servant. He wasn't equipped to handle such unkindness. "Send Triton in to see me."

"My lord, King Alexander is here to see you."

"Well, don't leave him waiting. Send him in." Turning to his wife, he asked the good woman to leave them alone, that they needed to conclude business. Trusting her husband, she bid him  a good morning and the same to the king as they passed each other.

"Lord Amnitor, I wish to speak to Hephaestion."

"He won't be back till this afternoon, King Alexander. He went with Triton to Athens. He said he needed to visit the monuments. He is very interested in the Gods and our history with them. He feels the need to go there when he wants to think about something."

"I would have liked to go with him."

"I don't think you would have liked it this morning."

Amnitor seeing the surprised look in the kings eyes couldn't help but say a bit snidely. "Yours is not the only palace that has ears for it's lord."

"I didn't mean to hurt him. It is the last thing I could ever want."

"I know that, son. It wasn't your fault. I should have done a lot of things different with the boy."

Alexander sat down and poured himself tea.

"I'm glad you didn't. I quite like him the way he is. He is refreshing and adorable."

"You are now my king and there is much I can't say to you. However, since you are now much like a son in law, I feel I can tell you that I want this fixed. I don't want my son to lose his sweetness. He will in time as he follows you to war. But for now. I wish for his happiness."

"I can be quite persuasive,  I will mend his heart, and keep it safe. I too wish for his happiness, Celeas."

"Then I have misjudged you. I feared you were uncaring of a boys feelings, much like your father would have been."

"My father never met Hephaestion, even he would be charmed by the boy."

"if you say so. The few times I met the man, he didn't have much love in his heart."

"No, you are right. He wasn't a man with generous feelings."

"You grew up to be a good man, in spite of his failings."

Alexander felt proud to have this man's praise. And to have his son.

"Will Hephaestion be back soon?"

Amnitor chuckled. "I'll send for you, Alexander. Perhaps you would like to visit our library."

Amnitor found Alexander in the war room with Cleitus and Caassander. The other one, Ptolemy had told him where to find the king.

"You have an excellent collection of shields and swords, my lord," said the tall one, Cleitus.

"It is a passion of mine. So many of our ancestry of armory is lost. I find things when I can and try to preserve them."

"A noble interest," spoke the king, with a question in his eyes.

"Excuse me, may I speak to you Alexander?"

"Go ahead, Alexander," teased Cassander. "He has been watching for your son all day."

In the hallway, Amnitor handed him a blanket and a small basket, that had been sitting on a chair.

"Hephaestion is in the farthest barn. It is used for hay and straw. He snuck in through the foot paths. I doubt that it is from not wanting to see you, as it is that he is embarrassed of his own reactions. He hides in the loft, by the open top door facing the sea. The light is good to read his scrolls."

Alexander sighed with relief. Finally. except now that the moment was at hand, he was nervous about what he was going to say to the boy.

"Speak from the heart,Alexander," said the kindly man.

Alexander reached the farthest barn and quietly went inside. He saw the man who was Hephaestion's personal guard and got the head nod from the fellow conspirator.

The king climbed the steep steps leading to the loft, surprised and happy that there wasn't a ladder. The basket Amnitor had given him was unwieldy.

Alexander saw Hephaestion by the open loft door. He had a book of scrolls on his lap, but he was just staring out at the sea. For the moment that he went undetected, Alexander saw the open look of despair on the beautiful young face.

"Hephaestion," he whispered.

Hephaestion's head whipped around, his face betraying joy, before the mask shuttered down.

"What are you doing here? I am trying not to see you."

Alexander smiled. "I know. I had your father's help." Alexander looked around. Loose clover hay was in abudance. Fluffy and sweet smelling. He made his way over to Hephaestion to spread his blanket on the loose hay by the door. The breeze from the sea made this one of the coolest spots on the palace grounds. That Hephaestion hadn't asked him to leave, he took as great fortune. 

Alexander took Hephaestion's hand and pulled him to sit with him on the blanket. Relieved and perturbed that he complied so easily.

"Hephaestion, I wish we didn't need to speak of last night, however I feel we must."

"Why wouldn't you want to speak of it? You weren't the one who saw your betrothed with another boy."

"Thank Zeus for that," Alexander muttered. "I have never had to think about my actions before, Hephaestion. After being with you all day, I felt such strain, and after you left, I needed the release."

"I would have helped you with your release, like you did for me," the boy said shyly. "i never knew that..........."

"That what, Hephaestion?"

"That men could do those things," Hephaestion sighed. "I feel stupid and immature every time I say something for fear you are laughing at my lack of knowledge."

Alexander leaned forward to hold the boys hand, rubbing his thumb on the palm. He could feel the slight tremor from his delectable lover.

"The things you say may be innocent, but they're you. And you speak from the heart. It's why I am falling in love with you, and nobody else that I have ever been with. I love your innocence, Hephaestion."

"Really, Alexander?"

"I never want you afraid  or shy to speak what's on your mind or what's in your heart."

'Alright, then why wasn't it me you wanted last night? That boy, he......he came to my room, to wake me, this morn. I never want that feeling again, Alexander."

"Did he say anything?"

"It does not matter."

Which told Alexander that it did matter. However the boy did not.

"Hephaestion, I would rather it was you. It is your flesh I dream of. I can taste you, after you are gone. I still feel your bottom in my hands after I have cupped your cheeks. Feel your tongue in my mouth, hear the moans and cries you make. And I long for more. I want to ravish you, explore you, make you cry with need for me. Because that's how I feel about you. You're so innocent that I loath scaring you. That boy, he was nothing. I am so sorry I hurt you, Hephaestion."

Alexander nearly melted from the hopeful look on the young face.

"My family is not like your's Hephaestion. Father was often mean. I will tell you someday. My mother, she says she loves me, but her love is cold and is only there when she would have me do her bidding."

"You don't think I am like that, do you Alexander?"

"No, my little treasure. I know you are not. We are both a product of our upbringing. I do hurtful things with out thinking and you are such sweet innocence." Alexander smiled at the blush that crept up the exquisite face.

"Will you forgive me, Hephaestion?"

Hephaestion gave a small nod. There had never really been any doubt.

Alexander gave him a tender kiss, marveling at the shiver he felt from such a small caress of his lips. He opened the basket that Amnitor had given him. Cheese, a crusty loaf, and a sweet treat, that he saw Hephaestions eyes gleam for. A small flask of wine, and one goblet for them both to sip from. Food for seduction, and a fathers permission. Pouring them a full glass of wine, noting that it was slightly watered, he remarked at the repast.

"Your father must think we are hungry."

"He sent this? I left before breaking my fast this morn. He knew this."

"Ah, you were trying to avoid me," Alexander teased, slipping a piece of bread and cheese in Hephaestion's mouth. When Hephaestion was done chewing he held the wine to the full lips, watching his lover take a sip. When he was done, Alexander turned the goblet to drink from the same place.

Hephaestion's eyes grew round, and he licked his lips. Alexander watched the pink tongue trace the lips that he wanted to taste. Taking another sip of wine, he leaned in to share with Hephaestion. The boy leaned into the kiss, moaning from pleasure.

Alexander wrapped his arms around his lover, pulling him in to lay against his body. He ravished the sweet mouth. Relishing the feel of Hephaestion's innocent body arching into his. The boy was a smoldering fire waiting to ignite. Alexander couldn't wait to be burned from the heat.

"Will you let me take you?"

"Take me where?" Was the breathy reply from the boy who was looking up at him in such raw innocent passion.

"Hephaestion, you slay me. You are every mans dream. I want to have you. Make love to you."

"Like last night?"

"Yes....and no. It is more then that. Last night wasn't about love. Can I show you?"

Hephaestion's answer was to kiss the king again.

Alexander wasted no time.  He slowly pulled hephaestion's chiton over his head, seeing the boys chest for the first time. He had a smooth body that pleased the king. Pushing Hephaestion gently back, he kissed the boys neck, licking and kissing a path to his nipples. He roughly lathed the full flat part of his tongue against the hard pebble..............

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