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"I can't believe Cleitus gave you bells as wedding present," Hephaestion snarled as he stomped into their rooms.

He was talking about the ankle and wrist bracelets that Alexander had received at his party. They were strips of rawhide, adorned with several little gold bells tied onto each of the four bracelets. They were finely crafted, and had a wonderful sound. Alexander was sure they must have cost a lot of money, and had probably been ordered long before Cleitus had even heard of the king's marriage. Alexander sighed. His lover had been in a confrontational mood ever since Alexander had informed him that he was marrying Roxanne.

Hephaestion continued his tirade, unaware of his lovers thoughts.

"He has talked about giving you bells for years. For me. Now he gives them to you as a wedding present? He probably thinks that slutty dancer you are marrying will know just what to do with them," Hephaestion challenged.

"First of all, I am sure Cleitus meant the gift to be for you to wear for me."

"As if I will do that now!"

Alexander continued as if Hephaestion hadn't spoken, which he could tell inflamed his lover.

"Second of all, that was beneath you. I know this is hard on you, however there is no need for this insecurity."

"First of all," Hephaestion said sarcastically, ""I am not insecure! Second of all, you defend her now?"

"I am not defending her to you, Hephaestion. Regardless of that fact, she is not a slut."

"I too saw the dance she gave you. It's in her heart, believe me." Hephaestion was snide. "You sure have a thing for dancers, don't you?"

"Why are you being like this? It is so unlike you. Is it all right if I feel the tiniest attraction for the woman who is to give me children? This is hard on me too, you know. Hephaestion, you know how much I love you. How much I still desire you. Only you."

Hephaestion turned his face away from his lover. He was embarrassed of the way he was acting. He couldn't seem to stop himself.

"I am sorry, my love. I can't seem to help that I don't like the thought of her being with you. I will get over it. I understand though. You know I do. I just don't like her."

"I don't think you will like any woman I marry."

"Not so. I like Starteria."

"That's because I did not desire her."

"Like you do this wench? Is that it?"

Alexander looked at one of his wedding presents from Hephaestion, before he set them down. Where as most of his companions had given him traditional gifts, meant for the bride and groom. Goblets, blankets, robes for the married couple. Cleitus had given him the matched sets of bells, knowing where his heart lay. Hephaestion had given him beautiful horse blankets, and a simple set of carved ivory. A pair of dice, that had been crafted from the tusks of the great beast, that they had only seen in pictures. Alexander ran his hands along the polished ivory. He knew what was wrong with his lover. He was jealous. Although a part of him felt bad for his beautiful beloved. A part of him also felt glad that he was still loved so much by his handsome general.

"My love. My beautiful Hephaestion. You will always be it for me. She knows this. Her family knows this. Although I am respectful of them, I have not tried to hide us. I haven't even suggested that you leave the kings tent. I want you with me always."

Hephaestion's moment of contrition was gone.

"The kings tent? The kings tent! I thought this was our tent. Our rooms when we are in palace. Now I have to fear getting kicked out of my home because of her or your next wife's whims? Fine, I might as well leave right now!"

Alexander took a deep breath. He was trying to be patient, but his lover was starting to anger him. For all of Hephaestion's power and intelligence, he sometimes could be quite maddening.

"Hephaestion, you know I want you here. You are just trying to find fault in whatever I say. I realize that you are upset and jealous. I would be too. But you have............."

"Upset! Jealous! I am neither of those things."

"Good. Then come to bed."

No more was said. Hephaestion undressed and got into bed. He crawled to the very far side and turned his back to his lover.

Sometimes, Alexander thought, Hephaestion's actions were cute and adorable. Other times he was reminded of his sister and mother. His actions were like a woman's.. Alexander waited for lightning to strike him. Or for Hephaestion to sense what he was thinking, and rise from the bed like a fury and start beating on him in a purely masculine way.

When neither happened, he crawled in beside his lover, and reached over to haul Hephaestion back into his arms. Alexander would not attempt lovemaking, but he would be damned if he wasn't going to hold his lover. He was getting married tomorrow. Admittedly when he first saw Roxanne she did excite him in a small way. He was seldom attracted to women. It was a perfect opportunity to unite tribes, and marry someone who he could at least get an erection for. His companions were angry that his first wife wasn't Macedonian. Hephaestion just didn't like her. He thought she was coarse and vulgar, and couldn't believe that Alexander could be attracted to her. It had caused a rift in their relationship for days now. He just wanted this to be over. Hopefully she could produce new life fast and he could send her back to Babylon. Hephaestion moved, touching Alexander's cock with his behind. Alexander gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. He begged for Morpheus to send him sleep.

Hephaestion lay awake. He was hard from having his kings arms around him, and his cock wedged up against his ass. He was too ashamed to turn and initiate sex. He knew he would have to make amends to his patient lover. But not tonight. Tonight he just felt like being jealous and hurt, wishing it could be different for them.

Hephaestion lay awake for another hour. Tonight he lay in his kings arms. Tomorrow though, Alexander would be married. Tomorrow he would lie in his wife's arms. Hephaestion wanted a baby from this union. For his king. But, he didn't want Alexander to lusty for her. He had felt when Alexander succumbed to sleep. Tough. Let him be tired on his wedding night. Hephaestion slowly turned and slithered down. He didn't touch Alexander anywhere until he reached the cock that had given him such pleasure. He loved Alexander's phallus. He opened wide to engulf it in the heat of his mouth, swirling his tongue around the growing member. He loved to feel it swell in his mouth. He moaned from the pleasure he received from sucking his lover awake. The heat and suction combined with the vibrations from Hephaestion's throat caused Alexander to arch into the warm mouth, his hips rising from the bed to seek more of the wonderful feeling. Hephaestion wrapped his arms right around his lover's ass and lower back, lifting him close to his ravenous mouth. Moment's before he felt Alexander's balls tighten, he could hear the short breaths his lover made before completion. Hephaestion stopped his ministrations. He kissed his way back up Alexander's body. He lapped at his kings lips before sliding his tongue inside Alexander's mouth, letting him taste his own sweet flavor. He straddled his lover, sitting up straight, he reached behind and positioned Alexander's cock at his own entrance, to slowly lower himself down upon the steel like rod.

Alexander watched his lovers face in the flickering light. Saw the wince from being stretched. After all these years, Hephaestion was still so tight it took his breath away. He ran his hand along his lovers strong thighs. So smooth and satiny, he could feel the strain under his hands, the tightness of the muscles. He reached around to feel Hephaestion's ass, when his lover grabbed both of his hands and leaned forward. He held the hands above Alexander's head, staring down on him while he rocked his hips and rode his lover's cock.

"You can be nice to her, Alexander," Hephaestion whispered in a husky voice. "You can give her gifts and certain freedoms. But make no mistake. She was ambitious and wanted to marry a king. I have no sympathy for the lack of love in her marriage. She could have married a mountain boy and fell in love, like my own sister. So you just fuck her, Alexander. Don't give her what we have. This sharing. It is ours, and it belongs to us."

Alexander nodded, staring up at his beloved. Hephaestion was beautiful. So young looking and desirable beyond all belief. His hair was hanging down around his face. His moist lips were red from passion and slightly parted. It was his eyes that Alexander couldn't look away from. They held all of Hephaestion's emotions in their blue depths.

Hephaestion let go of Alexander's hands, so that he could brace himself on his lover's chest. He felt like riding hard. He tightened his muscles around his lover's cock and started to move faster.

"Prepare to be tired tomorrow, my love. Tonight I will give you no reprieve."

So be it, Alexander thought. He was a soldier. He could take this exquisite torture. He reached down and lubricated his beloved's cock with it's own juices, stroking it, while enjoying the hot confines of Hephaestion's body.

Hephaestion had stayed quiet during the ceremony. The other companions left him alone. Though they didn't really understand. None of them had ever had a love like he and Alexander's. Few people were ever fortunate to ever find that. It had taken Hephaestion a thousand years. Of course it had taken Alexander only one lifetime, but he was charmed. As were Achilles and Patroclus who had found love during their first life. So Hephaestion stood by himself, watching his lover make the vows that they had made themselves years before. Privately of course. Hephaestion could hardly look away. He watched them at the long dinner table as they sat together, sharing a plate as was custom. Drinking from the same goblet. Hephaestion could not help but watch, and simply ignored the painful lump that rose in his chest. In spite of telling himself it did not matter, there was still a part of himself that felt betrayed, that Alexander belonged to him. All he could do was stand and watch. He could not fight for his love. Could not rail at him, could do nothing to separate him from this woman. And it hurt. To Hephaestion, Alexander seemed fine. His only hesitation came was when he looked at Hephaestion. So in order to avoid the indecision and uncertainty, he tried not to look at his despondent  lover.

The ceremony was over. The toasts had been made and drank to. Alexander had honored his companions. Even dinner had been consumed. Though there would be revelry long into the night, another hour and it would be time for Alexander and his bride to retire. Hephaestion could only hope he could hold up that long. He would go to their bed and try to sleep. Maybe he would take a large flask of wine with him. He had already given Alexander a ring he had found years before. He had given it to him after their third bout of lovemaking the night before. He had wanted his lover to know that he was loved this night. That he knew in his heart that he was the true love of Alexander.

Alexander found it hard not to tremble. In less then an hour he would be laying with his wife.. He was ashamed to admit that he did desire her. And upset that Hephaestion realized that. Was it a betrayal? He didn't think so. But you never could tell what Hephaestion was thinking. He heard the murmuring, saw his friends looking towards the west, but it was Hephaestion that drew his attention. His lover looked startled, like he had seen a ghost. He shook off Cassander's hand abruptly and started walking to the edge of the party, Alexander watched amazed as his lover started to run. He looked quickly to where Hephaestion was running, and stood up in shock. For there was Ansell, tall and beautiful in his splendor. Unchanged from the passing years. Beside him stood another blond. Just as attractive, yet softer somehow. He watched Hephaestion reach them. He seemed to hesitate for a moment, as if he could not believe what his eyes were seeing. And then he launched himself into the blonds arms. Not Ansell's., but the other man.  Hephaestion was picked up and swung around before he was set on his feet and simply held. Alexander watched as his beloved lifted his lips to be kissed by the newcomer, and was then passed to Ansell for another huge hug and kiss on the lips.

In that moment Alexander knew that his lover had lied to him. Lied when he told Alexander that he was his only love. He stood up to go over to the trio. It was Ptolemy who pulled him back into his seat, nodding to his new family. To his bride, who was looking at him in what she supposed was a hurt look. When really, what Alexander saw in her eyes was anger and hatred when they looked at Hephaestion. He would have to watch out for that.

He looked back over at Hephaestion, who was back in the newcomers arms with his head buried in the mans neck. Ansell was holding them both. His lover looked like he was weeping right there during the wedding celebrations of his king. As he watched, he realized that these were the actions of lovers. When? How? His queen be damned, he was going over! He started to rise just as the gong sounded for the retirement of the king and his new bride. He would go to her rooms. He would never during all their marriage invite her to his.

Hephaestion separated from Achilles and Patroclus to look for Alexander. His lover was staring at him with pain filled eyes. Patroclus whispered to him and he saw Achilles nod. "Go to him," he said.

So Hephaestion walked over to his lover. As the kings second in command and long time friend, not much could be said if the two men had a private word. Or if he were to hug his king.

"Have a good evening, Sire. I wish for you a son this night." Hephaestion ignored Roxanne.

"That's it," Alexander whispered angrily? "What are they doing here? They are your lovers, aren't they? Whore," he spat. "Are you going to lay with them now? Hades take you Hephaestion, you will not let them touch you!"

Any fight went out of Hephaestion in the wake of his lovers jealousy. It was the man's wedding day, and for him it just got better. He hugged his lover one last time, whispering into his beloveds ear. He let lips touch the lobe, his breath blow into the ear.

"No Alexander. I will not let them touch me. Only you. That is a promise I made, remember? We will just talk, for they can't stay long. I will introduce you in the morning if they are still here."

Alexander felt the tug on his sleeve, and looked at the stranger he had just married. He turned back to his lover only to see him walking back to the man who had bedded him and the man who now held him. He gripped his wife's arm and led her to their marriage bed.

"So that was Alexander," Patroclus said. "You know a king must marry, Kitten. It does not mean anything to the man. Even I can see that."

"Gods, I forgot how you used to call me kitten."

Achilles leaned forward to whisper in Hephaestion ear. His voice had a sexy huskiness that went straight to Hephaestion's cock.

"That's because you used to claw our backs like a little wild cat."

Achilles felt Hephaestion shiver, and smiled in satisfaction. He put his arm around his old lover, pulling him against his body. He reached to gather his beloved in his other arm.

"Where are your rooms, Hephaestion? We will talk until it is time for us to go. We are only allowed a few hours. And we have to just talk. Patroclus has said we can no longer have sex."

"I have promised Alexander the same."

"You, Kitten," Patroclus teased? "It must be love, if you want to stay faithful."

"I didn't say I was not tempted at times. But yes, dear Patroclus. He is my Achilles."

"I am glad my sweet friend. I don't think I could have watched you go back for rebirth one more time."

"Your people are watching us," said the ever vigilant warrior. "Let us be private. Sex may be out, however that does not mean we can't put on a show."

Achilles grabbed Hephaestion's hair, bringing his face back to receive a bruising kiss. He then did the same to Patroclus. He laughed to himself when he felt his lover lick his lips. Patroclus wanted a taste of Hephaestion. He swept his lovers under his arms and led them to the small palace that he knew would house the king and his lover.

"Did you see that," asked Ptolemy?

"Of course we did. We are standing right here, aren't we?" Cassander was as shocked as everybody else at what they had witnessed. "I thought he had left for Gaul. Who was the other man?"

"How should we know," Cleitus asked? "They show up today of all days. It had to be planned. Where did they come from? How did they just walk in and get by our guards?"

"Well one thing we do know," Craterus said, "Alexander saw them before he left with his queen. I wonder if Hephaestion planned to ruin the kings wedding night."

"Perdicus and I were both planning to offer Hephaestion our comfort this night," Nearchus bemoaned.

Eumenes was happy. Maybe the others would finally see what he saw in Hephaestion. An ambitious man who had used his beauty to ensnare the king, and to rise to power in the Macedonian empire. Hephaestion had been making his life miserable. Always pointing out how wrong he was. How inept Hephaestion thought he was.. Though he never used those words.

"It looks as if Hephaestion will be getting comfort elsewhere," Eumenes said snidely. "Or maybe I shouldn't say elsewhere. The place is the same. He is getting fucked by two men the rest of us don't know in the bed of our king."

There was no comeback.

"Are you still upset, Kitten?"

"Not so much. Well, maybe a little. Your being here has helped."

"You only hurt yourself when you are jealous. I learned that the hard way," he gave both Achilles and Hephaestion pointed looks. "Enjoy being alive in this, your last life, my young friend. It goes by quick."

"Speaks the man who has only lived once," teased Achilles.

"Have you seen our deaths. Is this why you say this?"

"No, Kitten. I didn't mean it that way. We have no way of knowing these things."

"It does not matter. I fear it will be soon. I sense trouble, and I fear it will be within the next few years. The empire is getting too vast, and still growing. It's getting harder to control, and our men have great ambitions. They are tired of being so far from home.They change. I feel it won't be long. And if I go first, I fear for Alexander."

"That is a lot of fear. You can not know this, Hedran." Even as Patroclus said this, he knew that he trusted Hephaestion's feelings. This was his twelfth time alive.

"I feel it...........You know, that's the first time I have heard my first life's name in so long, I had forgotten what it was. I prefer Hephaestion, I think."

"It is the name you will be remembered for, so my Achilles tells me. You have done much in this life, my sweet one. We are very proud of you. I hope when you join us, before you start to explore, that you will spend at least a millenia next to us. I have missed you."

"Let's hope we can talk Alexander into a few orgies too," Achilles winked at his lovers.

Patroclus yawned and cuddled closer to Hephaestion. It wasn't a moment later, when they realized that he was no longer awake.

"He's sleeping."

"The first time you come back without being reborn is very tiring. You use a lot of energy. And to pinpoint a day, at this time. Very exhausting."

"You knew that Alexander was getting married? On this day?"

"I figured you could use a couple of friendly faces. Convenient timing, wasn't it?"

"I love you."

"I know. We were lucky to have each other. I'm tired too. Let's have that cuddle you two girls always want. Before your Alexander arrives."

"He's supposed to spend the night with her."

"Maybe. But, he will be here soon. It is what I would do."

Hephaestion turned to hold Patroclus, breathing in his familiar scent. He felt Achilles snuggle in close behind him. He felt the thrust of his lovers hips. Achilles couldn't help pressing his cock into Hephaestion's perky behind. They both smiled as they fell asleep.

When Alexander entered a short time later, it was how he found them. Holding each other with smiles on their faces. The fact that they were still clothed saved the life of the two other men. And his lover from a sound spanking.

He poked his sword slightly into the neck of the warrior who had bedded his lover.

Achilles woke instantly when he felt the point at his neck. He couldn't die. However the man holding the sword didn't know that.

"Roll away from my lover."

"Alexander," Hephaestion exclaimed. "Oh, lower the sword, Sire. They have not touched me."

Patroclus came awake with a start.

"What is going on?"

"It seems your kitten has a jealous protector."

"Both of you, get off my bed and leave our rooms. Out of respect for Hephaestion, I don't even care where you go. Just get out!"

Hephaestion stayed on the bed as he watched his two lovers get ready to take their leave. He knew that it would be the last time he would see them on this plane. And yet he knew it wasn't good-bye.

"It was a pleasure to see you again, King Alexander. I know that we will be friends at another time."

The new blond stopped beside the king.

"You have a treasure. He is loved by the gods, and by us. Take good care of him."

"He is loved by me too. And this is something that you do not need to tell me. Please, get out of my rooms."

"Until......whenever, little warrior."

"When times change, kitten."

Hephaestion just smiled at them both, as they left his human life. Then he looked at his haggard lover.

"You don't look so well, my love. Wasn't it as good as you anticipated it would be?"

"You purposely made me tired for today, Hephaestion. And you know that I am not that good without you. I'll give you all the gory details later. You leave your kings celebration to sleep with two old lovers in our bed. Of course I don't look well. I think it is time to tell me what I should know, Hephaestion."

"You smell like her, I wish you would bathe first."

"And you smell like

"Then let us sit in the bath together. It is full and scented. It was anticipated that you would return this eve. It is cool now, but it should be fine in this excessive heat," Hephaestion held out his hand. "Come my love. And I shall tell you a tale."

Several weeks later, Hephaestion had to check way stations for trade and supplies, before they moved into India. Alexander thought a weeks camping with his lover, away from the demands of the main camp, and from the demands of his wife, would be quite restful. Leaving Nearchus, Perdicus, and Craterus in charge of the main army, they left for a week. Joined by several of Hephaestion's soldiers and assistants, also Ptolemy, Cassander, and Cleitus decided to get away from the decay of Bactria. All of them looked forward to leaving that place.

After appointing soldiers and runners for the supply lines, with replacement every two months, Hephaestion was satisfied that trade could come and go through Bactria. Being on the outer regions of the empire, Hephaestion doubted it would see much. There were nomadic tribes and rebels about. He had done his best in that harsh land.

On their way back to the main army, it was their last night out. Hephaestion asked the king to give him a few minutes before he followed Hephaestion to the tent that was set up in the middle of camp. A necessary must for a king.

When Alexander entered several moments later, he was met with a vision.

Hephaestion stood almost naked , save for a see through lavender cloth that wrapped around his slim hips. So short, it barely covered his rounded bottom. Alexander stared down at the twin curves as Hephaestion turned. Beautiful peaks tapering down to slim thighs. Shapely and smooth. When Hephaestion swayed toward his lover, it was then that Alexander noticed the bell bracelets adorning his wrists and ankles. Alexander had never seen a more provocative sight. Hephaestion stuck one leg out and circled his slim foot. He gave a little shake of his hips, moving his arms as he did. The jingle was soft and with the untutored movements of Hephaestion's gyrations, had a pleasing melody. Alexander could watch this every night. His lover looked innocently erotic and incredibly arousing. A sexual being causing tormenting desire. He was becoming unrestrained in his movements. Bending and swaying. The intensity of his movements was reaching a peak.

Alexander was bursting from just watching. He touched his hard phallus, needing to masturbate. If he even tried to penetrate his lover now, he would spend before touching him. Besides to reach orgasm, while watching his lovers undulations was the pinnacle of his sexual desire right then. And Hephaestion knew it. His alluring eyes darkened with his own need. He was always most turned on when he watched Alexander's hand touching himself. He swiveled his hips, not feeling self conscience anymore.  He touched his nipples, running his hand down his own stomach to slip under the skirt to touch his own throbbing manhood. The bells jingled. He knew that Alexander loved watching him touch himself the same way that he was feeling his own body.

A shout went up through the camp.

"To arms! To arms! Rebels in the camp!"

Alexander and Hephaestion looked at each other alarmed. Alexander quickly tucked himself away. He threw Hephaestion's long cloak at him, gathering his own sword and shield. He looked to see that Hephaestion was properly armored before he rushed out into the night.

As a battle it had been poorly executed. The rebels thinking to catch the camp unawares.Not knowing about the battle hardened soldiers within the tents and around fires. Hephaestion had been hampered by the long cloak. Alexander seeing this had stayed by him, much to his lovers disgruntlement.

The soldiers were  taking care of the bodies, and any mess that disrupted the camp. There were no prisoners. After several rebel deaths, most of them had run. There were no casualties of the kings army.

As usual, the companions gathered to make sure of each others safety.

"I could have sworn I kept hearing bells," Ptolemy moaned. "I thought surely that it was an omen of my death."

Cleitus and Alexander both gave Hephaestion a sharp look. The red faced Chiliarch barely moved.

"There is much to be done. Quit standing around," Hephaestion ordered, trying to get the men to leave the vicinity.

Alexander was highly amused at his tortured lover. He dare not laugh for fear of never having a repeat of Hephaestion's sexy dance. He did like dancers. But now Hephaestion had ruined him for any other.

Cleitus didn't know whether to keep his mouth shut or comment that he too had heard the jingles during battle. Hephaestion could be quite unforgiving when crossed. Just ask Ptolemy. Yet this might be worth it.

There was a loud noise behind Hephaestion. And because he was facing the others, he turned quickly, causing everybody to hear the metallic ring coming from his body. Cassander who was closest, reached over, pulling up the robe that had hampered Hephaestion's fighting. He exposed one smooth golden leg. Naked except for the bells tied around his slim ankle.

"Cleitus, he's wearing your bells," he cried!"

Hephaestion slapped Cassander's hand, and yanked his robe down.

"If any of you are thinking of talking about this, I will make your lives so miserable, that you pray for death," he threatened. Hephaestion then turned, with as much dignity that he could muster, walked to his tent in a huff. He knew his friends wouldn't heed his threat. He dreaded the companions breakfast in the morning.

Alexander watched Hephaestion flounce away, not very convincing in his lavender robe and the tinkle of the bells.He watched his lovers perky behind, the metallic ring having an effect on his manhood. He hoped he didn't grow hard at the sound of every bell he heard. Trance like he followed his sexy lover.

He turned back to Cleitus, looking the man in the eyes.

"Thank you for the bells," he said throatily. His voice thick with desire for the man who had just entered their tent. "I should have made him jingle long ago. I really wish you would have mentioned something."

Cleitus was indignant. Alexander knew that he had been joking for years about the bells.

Alexander could hear the laughter from his generals as he walked to his tent. He looked forward to the teasing Hephaestion would get at the breakfast table, knowing his lover could hold his own.

First he had to console his beloved, then he would ravish him. He would have Hephaestion keep the bells on while they made love, he decided, as he hurried to his tent.

The companions could hear the soft ring of bells and low moans of Hephaestion, coming from the tent of the king. For a little while their world was normal once again.

                                                       THE END
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