stonestepper (stonestepper) wrote,

part eight

Hephaestion leaned back against the chest behind him. Strong arms held him close. Alexander nuzzled his lips against his lovers neck. They had been in the bath for an hour, just kissing and holding each other. Touching skin that had been apart for too long.

"It is so good to have you back in my arms," Alexander whispered, his lips touching Hephaestion's ear.

Hephaestion felt a whimper rise in his throat.

Alexander glided his hand across wet skin, feeling the hard muscle of his lovers stomach. He felt the soft tremble under his fingers. He lifted Hephaestion's chin and turned his face to be able to touch the moist lips in a passionate kiss, mingling their two tastes together. Only when Hephaestion gave a low moan of desire, did he relent the assalt of the kiss. But his lips stayed busy. He nibbled the lobe of Hephaestion's ear, licked the beaded water from his jawline, sucked hard on the side of Hephaestion's neck, until he heard a cry of sexual distress.

"Hush," Alexander spoke softly. "You are mine. I will mark you as mine from now on, so that nobody dares ever again to touch what is Alexander's."

He then leaned down to gently suck on Hephaestion's collar bone, until his lover was crying with frustration.

"What? What do you want?" Alexander again rubbed his hand over his lovers torso, going lower to brush it along the length of Hephaestion's manhood, causing his friend to snarl his savagery. His passion for his king weakening his resolve. Alexander was showing a dominance that Hephaestion was loath to admit that he liked. Alexander was establishing ownership over his lover. Hephaestion nearly wept. His need to be possessed shaking him to his core.

"What do you want, my love?" Alexander's voice was like gravel. The sound making Hephaestion's cock leap.

"You. I want you."

Alexander hugged his lover gently, the long chestnut hair  caressing his face. Alexander deeply inhaled his lover's fresh clean scent. He stood up, hauling Hephaestion with him. They stepped from the tub, water running down lean bodies. Swallowing hard, Alexander moved to dry his lover's body, before his own. Only then, leading him to the bed.

Hephaestion watched Alexander tower over him as he lay back against the head board and pillows. He felt sweat bead his forehead, when Alexander cupped his erect flesh. His blond lover leaned down and sucked one hard nipple into his mouth, plying it with his tongue.

Alexander then licked Hephaestion's cock, getting it wet and hard as steel. He crawled forward to straddle Hephaestion, throwing one leg on the other side of his lover. He lowered himself onto the large organ, throwing his head back at the sheer size and heat that had impaled him.

Hephaestion surged up, wrapping one arm around Alexander's waist, the other he reached around to grab his lover's ass. Bringing it even tighter against his own body. They rocked together. He licked up Alexander's neck, tasting the flesh that his mouth had craved. Sucking on the tender skin, marking the king, much like he had been marked. Their lips met in a blazing kiss until they both gasped for air.

"I love you," Alexander cried, enjoying the seldom felt ecstasy of having his lover's cock inside him.

"I love you," Hephaestion moaned back. He brought his hand to the their front to stroke Alexander's cock against his own stomach. They came together in one long rush of desire, crying out each others names.

They lay side by side, staring at each others beauty, playing with hair, stroking each others face, until afternoon drowsiness claimed them, and they fell into a restful sleep.

Hephaestion awoke, startled from a dream. Alexander lay beside him, a smile on his face. The breeze from the balcony doors, caressed his naked skin. He thought of the dream that had awakened him. A dream of real life. He remembered. He had been the lover of Achilles. And Gods! Patroclus also. He remembered that he had lived other lives also, but remembered nothing about them. For which he was glad. He may go crazy if he remembered everything. He just remembered his first life. He remembered the love they had felt for each other. He knew he wasn't the main focus of their relationship, but he had loved them too much to break free. They had wanted him with them. There had been much love between them. It just hadn't been enough after Patroclus died. His lover had turned to Antilochus, ignoring Hedran's own pain. He had to watch, unable to help, as guilt and pain lead to Achilles own destruction. Hephaestion even remembered bits and pieces of the Elysian Fields, of being with his lovers. He wished he could remember more of that place, but maybe he wasn't meant to. Always he had been driven to find his missing half. His soul mate, yet to be born. He remembered the fear of being afraid he would miss him.

Hephaestion wasn't scared of this new discovery. It was the missing part of himself, that this life was but an extension of. He smiled when he thought of Achilles visiting him, claiming him again. The sneak! He couldn't think of him as Ansell now. He wished he could have seen Patroclus. He knew that the older man would be worried about him when Achilles told him about Alexander. He knew that they would see each other again. He and Alexander would be their friends in afterlife. Hadn't Achilles mentioned something like that when he was here?

Hephaestion wouldn't tell his volatile lover his revelations. Alexander would be convinced that they meant to have him back in the Elysian Fields. They had enough problems for now. There wasn't anything that Hephaestion wouldn't do for Alexander. He had been through too much in a thousand years to lose him now. Forgiving him was easy. Alexander's mistakes were not half as bad as Achilles had been. And hadn't Patroclus always forgiven him? Sure of his reward in the end?

Hephaestion felt Alexander stirring, and he cuddled back into the kings arms. Alexander had begged him not to work today, giving up his own kingly duties for a day, He wanted to stay in bed with his lover, so that just once he could wake holding his beloved. Of course that happened all the time, but Hephaestion liked when his lover needed him.

Hephaestion felt Alexander's hand roaming over his flanks. Cupping his cheeks, and running his fingers between the cleft. He couldn't help the moan of desire that slipped from his lips. Achilles and Patroclus could bring out passion, but only Alexander could ignite smouldering fires, and make him lose complete control. It didn't matter how Alexander took him. Hephaestion riding him, on his back with his legs in the air, being taken from behind,on his stomach or on his hands and knees. Hephaestion just reveled in the feeling of being possessed by his king. Of being taken by him. Of driving Alexander crazy in his own need to take his lover.

Alexander rolled Hephaestion under him, and entered him slowly. Inch by delicious inch Pulling back, until just his thick head was inside his lover, and then pushing back in. Each thrust, gaining another inch. He did this until Hephaestion was a writhing mass of need. His lover was begging incoherently, incredibly beautiful in his desire. Hephaestion was tight. So wonderfully tight, Alexander couldn't get enough of the feeling of being engulfed in the tight flames of his lover's body.

Alexander gripped one slim ankle, holding the leg up and out, so that he could watch his cock bury itself in Hephaestion's moist heat. He reached down with his other hand to feel the stretched hole that was gripping his cock so firmly. He slipped the tip of his finger in beside his manhood. Feeling his phallus and the slick walls of Hephaestion's opening. He pulled his finger out and grabbed the other leg. He couldn't hold off any longer. He aimed his body to hit Hephaestion's pleasure gland with every firm, smooth stroke. Hephaestion's saphire eyes shot open, holding Alexander's gaze. The king leaned forward to kiss the red lips that were swollen from passion. After one hard thrust, Hephaestion came, screaming his release into Alexander's mouth, so that his lover could swallow his cries. Alexander spilled deep within Hephaestion's body, after feeling his lovers shuddering orgasm. Their bodies hummed. They held each others trembling forms, whispering words of love.

Alexander leaned up to clean Hephaestion off with a towel. He would call Bagoas for another bath and to have him change the bedding while they dined with the other companions. He would put off all royal duties until tomorrow. He wanted Macedonia around him tonight. Let his friends see the sated look on his lovers face. Alexander had taken back what belonged to him. He was satisfied.

"You look like the cat that got the cream," Hephaestion said, snuggling into Alexander's arms.

"I did. Many times. Thank you, by the way," Alexander smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind Hephaestion's ear.

"it was my great pleasure,  believe me."

"I was better then him, wasn't I?"

Hephaestion's eyes narrowed.

"He was very good, Alexander."

"Yes, but only I can drive you that crazy. I am much better for you than anybody else. Admit it."

"All right! Yes, you are better! Gods, that self righteous tone. You are insufferable! Arrogant! Why did I have to fall in love with a king? You think.........."

Alexander leaned down to steal Hephaestion's breath.

"Shut up, and kiss me," he whispered, lapping at his generals lips.

Hephaestion moaned. Mmm, that's why.
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Yeah Baby! Another update! Woohoo!
Alright! Hope you like it.
Very enjoyable update. Refreshing and light with a touch of humour. I love how Alexander and Heph reclaimed each other, very passionate, loving and intimate. I also love the marking..I enjoy marking and being marked, myself. *smile*

I was amused by this statement... "I was better then him, wasn't I?"...Men will be men!!!

It was good for you to show that Heph remembered being Hedran, and his love for Achilles and Patroclus. You also did a good job on laying the foundation for Patroclus to vist Heph and reunite.

Until Monday. Have a great weekend.
Thanks. Thanks for the marking suggestion too. It worked. I liked that bit.

I got a little behind, so A/P won't visit until chapter after next.

Hope your weekend is good also.
*smile, big smile* Especially love the part of "I was better than he, wasn't I?" and after. *Big big smile*
I'm glad you liked it, short as it was. Yeah, I like a little Alexander insecurity, masked by his confidence/arrogance.
Thank you.
OH Yay!!! VERY HOT AND SWEET update. I also love that you let them kissing and carressing in the bathtub for hour before it actually happen. **grin wide**
I can close my eyes and picture the two of them in water. Yum.

Thanks for reading, and for liking.