stonestepper (stonestepper) wrote,

part seven

Patroclus looked up from the stream he was sitting by, to watch his lover materialize.

"You found me," he said by way of greeting, lifting his face to be kissed.

"You moved us again, I see. Took me a minute to find you. How come every time I visit the mortals, you move us?"

"Not mortals. Mortal. Hedran."

"He is called Hephaestion in this life. I think it will be the name he will be remembered by. This is the life he will be remembered for."

"Achilles, you seem different. You have gone to see him in every life. You have never told me his name before. Has he.......Did he........find his soul mate?"

"He thinks so. I am not sure. He knew me Patroclus. He let me..... He wouldn't let that, if he loved this mortal. Would he?"

"You love me, and never seem to have a problem with others," Patroclus said kindly. Jealousy had passed over a thousand years ago.

"Patroclus, be fair. There has only been Hedran other then you for a millennia now. And I wanted you to be with us," Achilles whispered deeply.

Patroclus blushed. A thousand years together, and Achilles still made him uneasy talking about sex.

"Achilles, did you really fuck him? He let you? He doesn't always let you when you meet him."

"He had come from battle. You know how he used to get around me after battle."

"Yes, you two were like animals."

"I'm sorry, my love. He looks the same. So beautiful, he takes your breath. And he is an enigma. He runs an army. He is very powerful, and yet, still so gentle. He is much more submissive in this life, and very comfortable with it. It was very desirable, his surrender. I think I fell in love with him all over again."

"Achilles, tell me of his lover. Is he really the one? After all this time? He has gone back to live and die eleven times. Tell me."

"Patroclus, how much do you listen to the talk here? The talk about the mortals. You know.....from the new comers."

"I listen sometimes."

"Have you heard talk about a great king?"

Patroclus had a moment of perplexity, before enlightenment.

"A king?.........NO! By the Gods, Achilles! Not....? Is he in love with Alexander?"

"You have heard of him?"

"How can you not? He is all the recently dead talk about. Achilles, does this king......does Alexander love our Hedran?"

"Hephaestion, now." Achilles reminded gently. "And yes. He makes mistakes in love. Not as bad as I did. But yes, Alexander is the other half of Hephaestion's soul."

Patroclus was quiet, contemplating this wonderful news. Their lover, the sweet little fighter that Achilles had brought home for them both to love, had finally found love of his own. So long, he had lived and suffered and died, to be reborn to look again. Between his lives, Achilles would beg him to stay, but he always went back. To search for Alexander!

"I want to see this king. This man that holds the heart of our Hedran. Achilles, I want to go to the mortal plane."

Patroclus looked to his beloved, and saw that he was lost in his memories. He sat back and waited to be noticed again.

Approx. 1195bc

The summer was sweltering. Achilles could smell the trodden earth. The battle long over, but still fresh in his mind. He could still hear the screams of the soldiers. The clang of the swords. It was if it was still going on. His blood was rushing, pumping through his veins. Adrenaline coursing through his body. He made his way to the stream, through the grove of trees, a mile upstream from the battle sight. He stopped and stared at the vision, cleansing himself, standing naked in the stream. A water nymph. Sent by Poseidon. The boy was young, but old enough to have seen battle. Twenty, maybe. Achilles's eyes roved over the slim build. A smooth, almost hairless chest could be seen. A strong back and legs, both leading to a round high bottom, that made Achilles's mouth water. He would have this boy. Patroclus never expected him to be faithful after battle. He was always full of to much heat, alive with energy. It had nothing to do with their love. This was about sex and release. Achilles's breath caught when the boy looked up through long lashes. This boy wasn't a gift from Poseidon, he was Circe, sent to tempt him. And by the Gods, he was tempted. An incomparable beauty. Achilles's desire flared to rapturous heights. His breath labored and thick with passion, and he had yet to touch the boy. He looked around the area, judging it to be safe from others that still may be about. He took off his clothes, leaving them in a pile on the rocks. His stare meeting the star like eyes of the young soldier. Creating a bond that restrained them together. He walked into the water to stand before his nymph.

"Say yes, or say no, but say it now," he told the beauty savagely.

"Yes," the boy spoke in a soft hushed tone.

The warrior tasted the lips.Not softly. He devoured them. A thirsty man, hot from battle. The soldier provided the only nectar that could quench his insatiable thirst. He picked the boy up in his powerful arms, carrying him to a grassy spot, under a willow. He ran his hands over the sinuous body, mapping the muscles and the texture of the silky skin. He wanted to taste the boy all over, needed to run his tongue over sensitive skin, but his body was singing with a greater need. The boy's feverish eyes told him that he felt the same way. He flipped the boy onto his stomach, lifting his hips in order to meet his own seeking erection. He watched as he sunk two saliva laden fingers into the boys hot wet behind, the water still dripping off of him. He loved the boys keening cries. He pulled out his fingers and pressed his aching phallus to the hole, pushing in with one long stoke. The boy was very tight, but, he took it and pressed back for more. Getting up onto his hands and knees for better leverage to push back onto the impaled cock.

Achilles own lover always needed adjustment time, but this boy required an effort from Achilles just to match his demanding cries. They came together with much force, Achilles holding the smaller man to him. Not ready to let go of the after battle treat he had gifted himself.

He finally separated to fall on the grass beside the young beauty. He wanted more. He leaned over the boy, laying half on him, kissing his lips and neck. The long haired soldier wrapped his strong young arms around Achilles neck, arching his body into the older man. He had recovered effortlessly and was demanding more. No words were spoken. They had a craving for each others bodies that  they were frenzied to satisfy.

"I am Achilles," the warrior spoke against the smooth moist neck.

"I know who Achilles is. I know who your lover is. Isn't he going to be angry that you lay here with me?"

"Don't mistake this for anything then what it is, boy. Men like us, we have a lust after battle that he has never understood. You sate that need."

The boy laughed. The sound vibrating through Achilles's body. The blue eyes danced with passion. His voice rich and melodious, the sound going straight to Achilles's cock.

"Then sate your lust on me, Achilles. Have your fill of me. Let us see if your stamina can match my own."

"What is your name?"

"I am Hedran."

Achilles pressed himself against Hedrans supple young flesh. Their hot slick bodies melding together.

This wasn't about love. It was raw. This was about need. Hot and sweaty. Hard and demanding. It didn't matter who was taking who. This was a battle for supremacy.

Patroclus didn't like rough sex. He liked to be petted and loved with long meaningful looks during gentle, tender lovemaking. It was very seldom that he had a need to be taken hard.

Not like this boy. Achilles thrust into the tight channel. Open and slick from their previous encounter. He threw Hedran's legs over his shoulders. Roughly rubbing his hands down the muscled thighs.

"Keep them there," he moaned throatily. He bent the boy in two, with his slim legs over his back, he leaned down to lick the sweat from the sweet smelling boy. Kissing and sucking, he pumped hard into the body under him. Hedran was exquisite in his glory. Crying out his own need. Screaming for more of what Achilles could give him. He wanted it deeper, faster. Achilles had met his sexual match. They exploded into each other from the shattering orgasm, intense and perfect.

Hedran lowered his legs, wrapping his arms around the warriors back, he pressed his face into the sweaty neck. Achilles leaned back, gasping for air. Still holding the slim trembling body to his own. And he knew. He just knew, that this was more then raw sexual need. This was about love. He loved Patroclus with his very life. But his heart had expanded to include Hedran. He wasn't about to let him go.

The new lovers lay naked on the bank. Achilles studied the sleeping form. He knew that he wanted to take Hedran home with him. He couldn't believe what he was contemplating. He had hurt Patroclus so many times with his affairs. Troilus, who was so beautiful, that Achilles had to have him. Later executed at the temple of Apollo. Briseis, who had tried to capture his heart. Neither matched the feelings that he had for Hedran. In just a few hours the boy had lodged in his heart. Achilles felt for Hedran, the same way he felt for Patroclus. They were so different, and he wanted them both. More then that, he wanted the two of them to love each other as well.

"I can't believe you have brought him into our home. I have accepted your men after battle. The women you take when the whim hits you. Always, our home has been our own. Is it because I am older? You tire of me?"

"Never! Patroclus, you are my air, my life's blood. I need Hedran also. He is like no other. Please Patroclus, just talk to him. Be with him. I know you will love him also."

"It doesn't look as if either of us will have him. He's leaving." Patroclus nodded his head towards the grape fields, that Hedran was now passing. From behind, he indeed piqued Patroclus's interest.

"By the Gods, save me from jealous men!"  Achilles ran after Hedran. Patroclus watched from the garden. This boy may bring fire into Achilles's life. Patroclus knew his lover wanted the boy. He also knew that he would always be Achilles's soul mate. His lover was the type of man to want more. He would welcome Hedran into their home. Another soldier for him to worry about. And watch over. And love.

The three of them had a wonderful few years together, Patroclus thought, lost in his own memories. He remembered he and Hedran having incredible sex. Hedran letting Patroclus inside him, when Achilles never did. He let Hedran though. The young soldier was masterful. He and Patroclus often ganging up on Achilles for hours of fun. Hedran had taught Patroclus to not be afraid of his passion, much to Achilles's delight.

Hedran had brought laughter and fun into their home. Warring and fighting with Achilles, during times of conflict. Gardening and cooking with Patroclus, when he was home. The boy was loved, and he loved them in return. Always though, it was Achilles and Patroclus. And when Patroclus died, even Hedran couldn't keep Achilles from his deep pain. Achilles turned to Antilochus, who was later killed by Memnon. Patroclus knew that Hedran's heart had been broken. When Achilles died and found peace with Patroclus again, they both waited for Hedran. When the chestnut haired beauty died in battle several years later, both Achilles and Patroclus were on the other side to welcome him home to their side once again. However, given the chance of rebirth, Hedran took it. Again and again, he lived and died. After two horrible lives and dreadful deaths, both Achilles and Patroclus begged him to stay. Stubborn in afterlife as he was in life, Hedran returned as mortal, searching for the soul that he claimed was waiting for him. Until now. Even here where kings and conquerors didn't matter, Patroclus had heard of Alexander the Great.

"I want to meet him," Patroclus said once again, bringing his lovers attention back to him. "I want to meet the man that Hedran is to spend eternity with."

"It is Hephaestion now, my love. Two, maybe three years will have passed on the mortal plane, since I was there. And you have never wanted to go down. Not once since your first death."

"I don't care. I need to see Hedran. Hephaestion. Will the Gods let us, since you just came back?"

"Yes, we provide them with entertainment. I think Alexander and Hephaestion are also a source of their amusement."

"Then arrange it. I need to see if Hephaestion is happy. I want to see for myself. A king! He hates kings."

"This king is not like any king I have ever met, Patroclus. By Gods, this is going to be fun!"

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