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Part five

The water carried Hephaestion several miles downstream, before he hit a rock and lodged there. It seemed like moments later when he awoke enough to detect hands pulling him from the rivers grasp. He moaned when his thigh felt the jagged edge of another rock. When he felt strong arms lift him up and cradle him, he lay his head upon the strong shoulder. He heard the man give a soft chuckle before he succumbed to sleep.

Hepheastion moaned and touched his head. The bump had gone down and he felt better. Glancing at the sun he judged it to be an hour before dusk. He had always loved the twilight hours.

He lay back down trying to remember how he got there. He remembered the ambush, and seeing his men go down one by one. His eyes shot open as he remembered the man who had helped him. Where was he? Who was he? Hephaestion could swear he knew him. But how could he? Hephaestion decided he didn't know the man. Maybe he had seen him before though. He turned his head and saw the stranger bent over a low fire. He had two fish skewered on a stick. Hephaestion's mouth watered. He hadn't eaten his lunch. The last food he had, was with Vonna and her mother the night before.

The man rose from the fire, and Hephaestion got a good look at him. He was naked! Clothes were spread over the rocks. Hephaestion noticed for the first time that he too had no clothes on. He had obviously been cleansed of the mud from the rivers bank. Hephaestion felt his body grow warm from the thought of this mans hands on his bare skin, while he lay sleeping. Did his hands linger? Needing to touch him?

"You're awake?"

The language of Gaul. Hephaestion had learned it, but lack of use made him rusty.

"Thank you for pulling  the rain off me," Hephaestion said.  Thanking the man for saving his life.

The man chuckled at the beautiful Greek's attempt. "I am Ansell," he said in the Greeks own language.

A language that Hephaestion seldom used. He always had to speak the Macedonian tongue. He had missed his own more flowing, and articulate language.

"I am Hephaestion. You have saved my life. How did you get down from the cliff so quickly? I saw no paths."

"You are too beautiful not to save. I jumped of course."

"You jumped?!  You jumped in the water? From the cliffs edge?" Hephaestion was astounded. Why would a man jump off a cliff to save a stranger? Ansell was looking at him intently. It had been awhile since he had felt such concentrated attention.

"I have fish. I didn't want to leave you to hunt for anything bigger. There is a goat path a half mile back. We will be able to walk out tomorrow."

"Why not tonight?"

"It is almost dark, we don't know who is up there. Maybe someone might look for you tomorrow."

It would be soon that Alexander would learn of his lovers disappearance. Alexander would come for him. If he wasn't to busy with his eunuchs, Hephaestion thought bitterly.

"And look, fresh water."

Ansell was pointing to a stream of fresh water coming down from the top of the ridge.

Ansell handed Hephaestion one of the fish. He had wrapped them in leaves. Hephaestion was unfamiliar with the leaves, but they added a nice spicy taste to the fish. They picked at the meat with their fingers, and washed with sand and water at the stream of cool water coming down over the rocks. While Ansell was busy, Hephaestion rinsed his body and mouth. Glancing down he spied mint leaves growing in a cluster by his feet. He picked a few to chew on.

Ansell had gone to check on their clothing, giving Hephaestion a moment to study the man from Gaul. He was what Hephaestion imagined Achilles would look like. He couldn't help compare the man to his own Achilles. Both were blond and beautiful. Powerful men. This man was tall. The muscles on his legs and buttocks when he bent over, made Hephaestion moan. He wanted to feel the hardness of this man's body that was covered by golden skin. When he turned around, all Hephaestion could think about was running his hands over the strong chest. He wanted the stranger. Alexander had no room in his thoughts, and that scared him a little. Before he remembered that he was no longer in Alexander's.

Ansell walked over to Hephaestion. He felt the younger mans desire. Craved the passion he saw in Hephaestion's eyes. He had watched Hephaestion and the king since Egypt, where he was traveling. Followed the army and blended in. Waiting for the opportunity to see the blue eyed man. He had followed the unit earlier in the morning. He could always remain undetected if he wished. When he saw them under attack, he was afraid he wouldn't get to Hephaestion on time. He found his soon to be lover battling bravely. He was going to jump after Hephaestion immediately, as soon as he saw the slim man knocked off the cliff. But he knew that the Persians would find out that they hadn't killed the young boy. Hephaestion would want the boy to live. He stayed to kill the remaining rebels, hoping there were no more. He had taken a leap of faith from the cliff. Scared for a moment when he felt winds carry him backwards. When he landed in the water feet first, he thanked any and all Gods for the rivers depth. Hephaestion must have landed in the deep pool also, before being taken down the rapids. He had to swim downstream as well as letting the river propel him. He was five minutes behind Hephaestion. He finally found the chestnut haired beauty lodged against a rock, his face thankfully out of the water. Hephaestion had snuggled into his arms, sensing a haven. A home to where he could lay his head.

His blue eyes met the blue eyes of Hephaestion. The exquisite face of the one he desired. He had longed for the younger man for what seemed like an eternity. He spread his long cloak on the ground, beckoning for Hephaestion to join him atop of it.

"Come. You don't ever have to fear me." Ansell noticed the confusion mar Hephaestion's beautiful face. "What is wrong?"

"The tongue you spoke. It is not Gaul. I understand it, though I have never heard it. It is ancient Greek."

"Sorry." Ansell again spoke the Greek that Hephaestion was used to. "It is the tongue we were taught when I was first learning Greek."

"But it hasn't been spoken thus for hundreds of  years."

"Things move that slowly where I am from."

Hephaestion saw Ansell's hand reach for his face, and he leaned into it. The name Ansell didn't fit this tall warrior either. It was the last coherent thought Hephaestion had for some time. The heat from the hand burned his cheek, causing his body to flush. He wet his suddenly dry lips, seeing Ansell's eyes fix on his tongue. Hephaestion was mesmerized by the strangers eyes. Eyes that devoured him. He gave himself up to being consumed by the man.

"I want you," Ansell whispered in a rich throaty voice. The sound making Hephaestion shiver.

"I've never been with anybody other then Alexander." Though he was nervous, Hephaestion wanted this.

"Give yourself to me. Say it. Tell me take you." Again the ancient language was spoken. Again Hephaestion understood it.

"Yes, hurry. By Zeus, hurry!" Hephaestion urged in the same tongue.

Ansell gripped Hephaestion's shoulders and pulled his lover into his strong arms. He lowered his head to Hephaestion's and tasted the parted lips, moaning at the taste. His lover had found the mint leaves that Ansell himself had found earlier. But it was the taste of Hephaestion that drove him crazy. He kissed along the smooth jaw and down his neck, loving the throaty moans of passion that Hephaestion elicited. Ansell lay Hephaestion down and licked the rosy nipples. He suckled until the sensation drove Hephaestion to arch his back and seek contact with his groin. He kissed Hephaestion down his hard stomach, swirling his tongue around the navel. Hephaestion cried out his desire, no longer able to control his need. Ansell had heard the rumors of the kings and Hephaestion's loud cries in bed. He meant to make this man forget he even had another lover. He also heard tell of the king taking the harem boys to his bed. How any man could prefer the pampered pets belonging to the old king over this wild beauty was beyond Ansell. Hephaestion was a warrior, yet he lay in his arms begging to be taken, giving his body more eagerly then any harem boy alive. Ansell always did think that kings could be stupid.

Hephaestion felt his cock engulfed in searing heat. Felt Ansell's tongue explore the ridges. Hephaestion tried to keep himself from coming. He was so hard, all he wanted to do was thrust up into the mouth. Alexander would suck him, but seldom to completion. The king always preferred to be inside him when he came.

"Come in my mouth," Ansell whispered, looking up at Hephaestion with shining eyes. "I want to taste you. I need to have you fill my mouth."

The words alone almost made Hephaestion come, and he felt the mouth on him in earnest now. He reached down and felt the silky tresses. Years of training kept him from plunging his cock up into the throat. But Ansell urged him on. He took all of Hephaestion's length swiftly up and down until Hephaestion couldn't take anymore and released himself into the devouring mouth. He felt moistness on his legs. Tears came to his eyes when he realized that Ansell had come from just sucking his cock.

Ansell crawled back up the beautiful body to kiss his lips again. He felt Hephaestion draw back, not used to tasting his own seed. However when their lips touched, Hephaestion eagerly welcomed the taste.

Ansell grinned, eyes dancing.

"You taste good, don't you?"

Hephaestion blushed, not wanting to say yes to such a question. Ansell just chuckled.

"Tell me about your lover. How come you are out fighting Persians when you should be keeping his bed warm?"

Hephaestion drew back, insulted. Only to feel the mans superior strength pull him back into his arms. Hephaestion struggled a little, but soon gave up. After all, he was used to arrogant men.

"I do my duty. I do the duty of many men. Alexander will name me Chiliarch. And I will earn it on my merit. Not on my back!"

Ansell held his firebrand close. "I know how hard you work," he said in the language of Gaul. Hoping that Hephaestion would follow this tongue as well as the others.

Hephaestion hesitated in answering in the foreign tongue. But he had always wanted to master many languages. Soon he found he knew more then he had thought. Ansell went from speaking Gaul to modern and ancient greek. Hephaestion followed him word for word.

"How do you know how hard I work?"

"I have followed your army. It's interesting watching your empire. Does Alexander know what he has in you?"

"Most people know my worth," Hephaestion said, avoiding the question.

"I am sure he knows that you are the only one that can help run his vast empire. How is he going to feel about losing you as a lover?"

"I will always be his lover," Hephaestion answered.

"You and many others, I have heard. And no. No you won't. I don't like to share my lovers."

"You will have to. He is my Achilles."

"What if the real Achilles claims you?"

"I am not his to claim."

"Does he call you his Patroclus?"

"Yes. This is private."

"Maybe. But the story of Achilles and Patroclus isn't. And you are no Patroclus."

Hephaestion was hurt. "What do you mean?"

"Patroclus is a wonderful man."


"Was. But he was no warrior. He much preferred to stay at home. He would cook and do laundry. Much like a wife. A beautiful man for Achilles to come home to."

"What about Briseis?"

"An arrogant mistake. Much like Alexander is doing now with his harem. The spoils of war."

"Do you think it hurt Patroclus?"

"I know it did. Very much."

"Then we are alike. I have that much in common with the lover of Achilles."

"Achilles had another lover, you know. A lover that was welcomed by Patroclus."


"He...I can't remember his name."

"This can't be true. Achilles and Patroclus loved each other. It is a great love story."

"Yes that is true. Never the less, Achilles loved another. Patroclus loved him also. Because Achilles did."

"What happened to him?"

"Ah, Homer never wrote about him. After Patroclus died, this man, who was a warrior much like Achilles, hid in the gift horse along with his lover. Achilles didn't die in the arms of Briseis. He died in the arms of his other lover. A lover who always thought he was un-needed in Achilles life."

"Maybe he was."

"No, Hephaestion, he was needed very much. When he died, he chose to be reborn.
He insisted he had his own soul mate out there. Achilles told him to look, but he was coming after his lover if he took too long. And that he would be watching out for him."

"I think who ever weaves the tales in Gaul, should better know our Greek heroes. Zeus knows what will be said about Alexander and I."

"They will say you were great lovers. And some will say that Hephaestion once loved another. And that he loved you. Now, come here."

Hephaestion again let himself be pulled into the Gaul's arms. He wanted more. His body ached for more.

"Do you want me inside you?" Ansell pulled Hephaestion's hand down till it was touching his cock. "Feel me. Feel how big I am for you."

Hephaestion did feel him. He ran his hand back up over Ansell's abs, down the thin trail of hair leading to the large cock. He gasped into Ansell's mouth when the cock twitched in his hand. It was satin over steel. A little longer then Alexander's large cock. Wider too. Hephaestion couldn't wait to feel the monster stretching him.

Ansell pushed Hephaestion over onto his stomach, kissing down his back. He kneaded the hard globes of the soldiers ass. By the moonlight, he could see the entrance to Hephaestion's body. He felt himself leak at the sight that had his mouth watering for a taste. He pulled the cheeks apart gently, licking up the entire cleft, just to come back to the portal and lick around it. Swirling his tongue, slathering it with moisture, before plunging his tongue in as far as it could go.

His face was buried in the cheeks, inhaling and tasting his lover. He couldn't get enough. Hephaestion's own loud moans were arousing him to new heights. He licked two of his own fingers, bringing them up to push into his lover. He sat up and watched a writhing Hephaestion pushing himself back onto the probing digits. He loved the feel of the tight hole grasping him, but now he wanted it to be his cock. He pulled Hephaestion's hips up, and with his knees he pushed the legs apart until he lay with his bottom wagging in the air and his legs spread wide. Hephaestion's shoulders lay on the cloak, his face a picture of need. Ansell almost came from the provocative sight. He pushed into his lover with one long stroke until he was buried in the tight hole.

Hephaestion cried out from the fullness. He didn't know if he could take it. He pushed back into the body, feeling the mans balls slapping his ass. He pulled away and pushed back again, gasping when the large head grazed his pleasure spot. He could hardly tighten his hole to grip the man as Alexander liked. it was so big and felt so good. Almost as good as Alexander. Hands gripped his hips, and Ansell started to fuck him with long deep thrusts. Penetrating so slow and steady, Hephaestion thought he may die from the exquisite torture. He cried out in protest when Ansell pulled all the way out from his body. He was flipped onto his back with his legs on the Gaul's shoulders. He was filled so quickly that he screamed. Ansel leaned down to kiss his vocal lover. They were alone in a hostile land after all. He fucked Hephaestion hard. The boy pushing back against him, begging for more.

Hephaestion reached down between his legs to feel the hard cock entering his body. His fingers touching his own stretched entrance, feeling the shaft bury itself inside him. He pulled his hand back up to stroke his own leaking member. He felt Ansell's hand wrap around his own. It was to much, and without warning he came violently. His body tightening around Ansell, squeezing him. He bucked his hips up to take one last thrust. His legs fell from the shoulders to wrap around Ansell's waist. He could feel the warriors powerful orgasm. Proud that he had made the older man cry out his own joy. He loved the wet heat he could feel deep inside his body.

Ansell wished to the heavens that he could see his writhing lover in the now pitch black sky. He could hardly remember a orgasm rocking his soul as this one had. Not even with his own Patroclus. He let his body fall gently onto the slim man below him. He loved how Hephaestion didn't push Ansell's larger frame off of him. He just wrapped his arms around the Gaul and held on tight. Their sweaty bodies cooled in the night air. When Ansell felt their matching heartbeats slow down, he rolled off, pulling Hephaestion with him. He brought his lovers head to lay on his shoulder, noticing Hephaestion's breathing had slowed down. His lover was already asleep. Kissing the top of his lover's head, he wiped them both off, using a corner of his cloak, before gathering the man into his arms to hold him through the night.

Ansell knew that he would have to leave soon. He wanted to take Hephaestion with him. He also knew that death was the only way to separate Hephaestion from Alexander, and even then temporarily. Hephaestion had found his soulmate. Ansell would be happy with this one last night with the incredible man. And if it could make Hephaestion's dense lover see what he could be losing, then all the better. Ansell closed his eyes. He would not sleep. He would hold his lover and guard his safety until the king could find them. They could walk out. But Ansell knew that the king would walk down, upon finding the path.

It was sometime later that Ansell felt Hephaestion grinding himself into his leg. Hephaestion was obviously a man with great sexual desires.

"Can I fuck you?" Hephaestion was glad for the cloak of darkness. He was hesitant to ask. Most powerful men didn't feel the same way he did. Or they did, but they were loath to admit the need to have a cock in their ass.

"It's been a long time for me," Ansell whispered back.

"How long?"

"It feels like it's been almost a thousand years."

"Then I think you're due." Hephaestion lay in back of the taller man. Both of them on their sides. He slipped a trembling hand down to probe between the Gaul's cheeks. He wished there was more time, but it was nearing daylight. He needed the cloak of darkness to mask his growing attraction to his new lover. An attraction he dare not explore more then this one night for fear that the exploration would take him far from Alexander.

He felt Ansell push back onto his spit soaked fingers. He wet his phallus, wishing he had some oil to use for the older man. Yet when he pushed inside he was rewarded with an uneven breathy moan, that made his own breath quicken. He wrapped one arm under Ansell's neck to rub his chest and nipple. The other he reached around to slowly pull on Ansell's member in time with his deep thrusts. It had been so long that he had been the one to do the taking that he felt his imminent release. He quickened his hand to bring Ansell over the edge with him. Both of them eager for the sought after feeling.

The sun was up when Hephaestion again opened his eyes. Only to find Ansell kneeling down with a handful of berries.

"The only breakfast I could find," he said slipping a berry between Hephaestion's lips, when the other man sat up.

"Didn't you sleep?"

"I didn't want to waste a minute," Ansell answered in ancient Greek. A familiar sound to Hephaestion after the night they had spent.

Hephaestion knew the feeling of loss. He had felt the same the last few nights before entering Babylon. Knowing that it was where he might lose his lover. He owed it to Ansell to not think of Alexander on these, their last few moments together.

"I found a deep spot in the river. We had better wash."

Together they walked naked into the water. They washed the sweat and dried semen from each others bodies. They held each other and kissed.

"Where will you go?" Hephaestion asked in Macedonian. He had fun using the different languages throughout the night.

"I have someone waiting for me. He has been patient for an overly long time."

"Will I see you again?"

"Maybe. But if not here, then someday in the Elysian Fields.  You and your Alexander, and I and my Patoclus will talk together. We will be friends. This was our night of passion, and our two loves will learn not to begrudge it to us. It may even help to win back your love," Ansell grinned.

Hephaestion felt sad though. Ansell had given him back his desire. Made him feel wanted again. He rubbed up against the warrior who had saved him, wanting him one last time.

"Aren't you sore?"

"No. We came many times last night, but you were only in me once. I want you again. I need to feel you in me one more time."

Ansell had no problem being ready for the ravishing boy. Hephaestion's luminous eyes were looking up at him with a desire that he seldom saw. The sun shining on his chestnut hair, the moist pink lips. It all made for a very alluring picture.

The water was up to his waist. Higher on Hephaestion. He easily lifted the younger man in the water, slowly lowering him onto his hard aching flesh, hoping his own pre-come was enough lubricant. Hephaestion felt so tight and warm around him in contrast to the cool water. The feeling was so extraordinarily good, that he blinked back tears in the morning sun.

Hephaestion wrapped his legs around Ansell. He felt so light in the water. For a moment he leaned right back to float for a minute while his lover held him steady. The cock buried inside him, the water rushing by him. He leaned back up, feeling Ansell give short strokes. Not pulling out far. Just enough to nudge his pleasure gland, and to deeply push back in. He wrapped his arms around Ansell's neck, kissing him with great depth. Only pulling away when in need for air. His orgasm building inside him to explode when he felt Ansell's own release and loud moans. Hephaestion cried out his joy, collapsing into his lovers arms, Ansell's cock still inside him.

When Hephaestion was again able to open his eyes, it was to find himself looking at the man standing on the shore. Staring into the sad and angry eyes of Alexander.
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