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The Kings Consort
conclusion of part three         Sorry again for the break in the chapter.

   This an Alternate Universe story

Hephaestion arched into the moist heat, the sensation going to his groin. His body was instantly aflame.

"Wait," he cried, as he felt Alexander divest him of the rest of his clothes.

Hephaestion felt Alexander stop, but his lips did not move from their downward travel. They still touched the skin of his lower stomach, his lips nuzzling faintly the few hairs that grew from his navel to his swelling manhood.

Alexander looked up at the panicking boy.

"Have I given you reason to fear me?" Alexander asked. "Yesterday, while we were by the sea? In the barn? I only want to give you pleasure, little one. Lay back, I wish to taste you. No harm will come to you."

Alexander reached up and gently pushed Hephaestion back, trailing his hand down the silken skin. He prayed to his gods that he could control his own body. This was a test for is own endurance. His nostrils flared from Hephaestion's scent. A scent like no other, it intoxicated him. Hephaestion was a  feast for all his senses.

Hephaestion looked into the eyes of his lover as he allowed himself to be pushed back. Alexander's voice had a richness that thrilled him and his eyes were hypnotic. He felt the king's lips continue their descent, while his hand still swept across his torso. The glide over his stomach felt like heat had blazed over him, and he cried out when the fingers pinched at his nipple, the same time that Alexander's tongue licked the length of his turgid shaft. Both hands were busy now. Alexander held his member to his mouth, once in a while gently squeezing and rolling his balls. Hephaestion was moaning now and making small noises in his throat. He didn't think he could take it. He felt like he was being branded. It was too much, and not enough at the same time. His body sought fulfillment, but he didn't know of what kind. He thrashed his head and his body writhed. He felt the king hold him down, the heat from his hand another brand on his sensitive skin. And when he felt a wet finger penetrate his bottom and tap at a certain spot inside him, he thought he might die from the pleasure. He cried out from joy and frustration, his body instinctively seeking something that his mind had little clue. And from a far off place he heard Alexander groan, give one last twirl of his tongue around Hephaestion's phallus and his actions ceased. Hephaestion's eyes flew open at the loss and emptiness his body felt.

Alexander wanted Hephaestion to spend in his mouth, and another time he would enjoy many hours of tasting the boy and teaching him to taste Alexander's own body. The thought made his already throbbing cock more rigid, and for a moment he pressed it against Hephaestion's legs. This first time though, the first time they lay together, he needed to feel Hephaestion's orgasm while he was deep inside the desirable body.

"Feel what you do to me. I have never wanted another as much as I want you. I wish to consummate our relationship."

Alexander stood and slowly took off his clothes, the whole time his eyes never leaving Hephaestion's. He watched as the young boy took in what he was doing. His eyes widening as Alexander disrobed. The innocence warring with his sensuality. Hephaestion turned him on like no other.

Looking up at Alexander, Hephaestion's eyes told of his desire. He had never seen Alexander's chest. Sleek muscles were now visible, as well as a smattering of scars. Hephaestion was shocked at his thoughts when he had a longing to run his own tongue over each testament of Alexander's earlier warrior days.. His shoulders seemed so wide. Deceiving when clothed in his kings tunics. Powerful arms, that made him long to be wrapped in them. When Hephaestion had thought of his power it was in relation to his being king, not his physical body. He was lean and his height might not have been as daunting as Cleitus's, but his impact on Hephaestion was awe inspiring as he stared in admiration. He had not imagined the hard strength beneath the clothes. And as he gazed in fascination, he realized that he saw Alexander as a man not just a king. A big man, he thought as his eyes flew to the impressive size of his lover. Fear assailed him again at the thought of it being inside him. Fortunately, Alexander had been watching for such a reaction.

The king dropped to his knee's between the boy's spread legs. The wanton pose from such an innocent boy had Alexander again thanking his luck. He didn't give the boy time to think, he just lowered himself to kiss the open lips, tasting the sweetness from the wine and Hephaestion's own luscious mouth. He shifted the boy's knee's so that they were bent, his mouth never leaving his betroths. He reached into the basket to find the churned butter that had been included for the bread, coating his fingers with the oily substance. He lowered his head to suck on Hephaestion's neck, at the same time his fingers entered his young lovers body. He thought that it would be easier from behind for Hephaestion's first time, but the intimacy of being face to face was something they both needed. Besides to watch Hephaestion's face as he reached orgasm, was a wondrous sight.

Alexander leaned up to almost kneel, placing Hephaestion's shapely legs around his own waist.

"Shh, it's alright." He coated his throbbing cock liberally with the rich butter. Hephaestion watched his movements, trembling from his desire, his body had a light sheen of sweat that made his tanned skin glow.

Alexander placed his cock at the virgin entrance and pushed. Hephaestion cried out as the thick head penetrated, and his eyes darkened to a deep blue almost violet color. Alexander was in rapt delight of the smooth tightness that held him and the beautiful face below him. Even Hephaestion's pain belonged to him. He slowly pushed in the rest of the way not stopping for adjustment, just a slow prolonged push inside, until his thick length was sheathed in the velvet tightness. He rested a minute, as much for him as for Hephaestion.He was sweaty from exertion, but the breeze blowing in through the loft door felt good upon naked skin.

Alexander smiled at his lover, leaning forward to steal a kiss, while gently placing the boys shapely legs atop his strong shoulders.

"You feel so good," he whispered. "Are you ready?'

Not trusting himself to speak, Hephaestion just nodded. He was laying there naked with his legs draping down the kings back and the mans shaft lodged firmly in his bottom. He was embarrassed, and he didn't know what to do.

"Whats wrong?" Alexander asked, as he saw the troubled look pass over the exquisite features.

"I don't know what to do," the boy said quietly.

Alexander smiled, so pleased with his betrothed.

"You can learn how to please me later,  just enjoy for now."

Alexander pulled all the way out until just the throbbing tip remained inside, and began a steady thrusting, his hips angling to hit Hephaestion's pleasure gland. He watched the boy's eyes grow large when he felt his own body's intense joy. Hephaestion was writhing now, his hips were pressing gently back to meet Alexander's thrusts, Alexander's balls were slapping Hephaestion's ass, and he reveled in the feeling. His cock was in a soft vice, and he couldn't hold out much longer. He reached between them to fist Hephaestion's slick shaft. His own painful erection now pounding gently into the boy, finding the spot inside him again and again until Hephaestion erupted in an unrestrained orgasm, crying out his delight to his lovers ears. The waves of orgasm and the grip of Hephaestion's body made Alexander give one more mighty push into his receptive lover, burying himself deep as he exploded inside his betrothed, crying out his own surprised joy.

Alexander lowered Hephaestion's legs, kissing the now closed eyelids and the full lips. He reached over to wipe Hephaestion's essence from both of their bodies with the edge of the blanket, and then lowered his full weight upon the reposed boy. He reached up to put both hands on Hephaestion's cheeks, causing his lover to open his passion filled eyes.

"You belong to me now. You're mine. Say it."

"Yours," the tired boy answered, lowering his lids once again.

Alexander sighed with relief, rolling over to his side. He gathered his fiance into his arms, holding him close. The breeze from the great sea cooling both their bodies. His heart beat fast, not from exertion, but with the realization that he was madly in love with the charming boy in his arms.
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