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The Kings Consort
part two

   This is an Alternate Universe story                        

Hephaestion was torn from wanting to stay in the hall, as his father had allowed him to do and just returning to his family's private wing. He guessed that he ruined any chance of an adult conversation with the king. Pain lanced Hephaestion's heart as he thought of the king kissing somebody else because Hephaestion had said that he wouldn't marry the man. Ironically, all day he had been daydreaming that the soldier who had kissed him, and held him in his strong arms, was really the king, and that he had fallen in love with Hephaestion. If that were the case, then maybe he had been unreasonable to be so angry. He couldn't help it, he was upset that his soldier would just kiss any cute boy he ran across.

As Hephaestion entered the familial quarters, he heard murmurings in his sisters rooms. The four of them shared several large rooms. Being so young they didn't want to be alone. Hephaestion guessed that it would soon change as they grew older, and sighed with sadness that he wouldn't be there to watch his sisters grow up. He was scared that his father would sell him to Persia or Rome. If that were the case, he would never see home again. Although Hephaestion supposed that his father, being a loyal Greek would never actually allow either of those two nations a foothold into his lands. He had just wanted to drive the price up for the Macedon king. And now Hephaestion had ruined his fathers chances for a peaceful union. What if war was declared all because of his childish jealousies? Hadn't he told himself just the other day that he didn't care what his mate did, as long as he was left alone? He didn't know why he was so confused. All he did know was that he didn't want the handsome king to kiss anybody else.

Hephaestion watched from his sisters doorway as his mother kissed Hanna and Phonia, his two youngest sisters, and covered their sleeping bodies. As four year old twins, their active day tired them and everybody around them.

"Phai, come join us," cried six year old Dani, holding the kitten their father had obviously let her have. Hephaestion could tell that she was almost asleep. She and eight year old Tania shared a large bed. Their Mother was sitting on Dani's side trying to calm his excitable sister. Hephaestion sat beside Tania, who appeared sad and moody.

"Phia, Mother says that you are to be joined to a king. Where is he going to stay?"

Meeting his mother's eyes, pain in both of the blue orbs, Hephaestion looked at the oldest sister. She was so much like him.

"I am sure he will be staying in his own home," Hephaestion answered.

"Oh. Good. I was afraid he was going to take you from us," the innocent girl said. Like Hephaestion she was guileless of the world around them. Yet Hephaestion had grown up some, since his father had told him of his plan several weeks before. And after his kiss this afternoon, Hephaestion thought that he was now a man.

"I will have to go with him, Tania. I am sure that he will let you visit though."

"No! I don't want you to go. Why does he have to take you? I hate him," she cried, throwing herself into her brothers arms..

"Shh, don't say these things," Hephaestion whispered, holding his sister close. "He is going to help father make our city great again. He is going to help us have all the things that little girls should have." He held the sniffling girl till she fell to sleep.

Callie loosened the hold Dani had on the mewling kitten, as she watched her son and daughter hold each other.

Having lost two sons soon after they were born, she had watched and protected Hephaestion fiercely. She had sheltered her son, scared that she would lose him. And now at sixteen, everything her husband had warned her about was coming true. Her innocent son was being thrown to the wolf at their door.

Callie had always made sure that Hephaestion knew that he was too young to enter the high noble's court at night. Amnitor had seldom been around. Fighting for the independence of Athens, he had left the raising of his son to his wife. She had woven stories of romance and love. She had always assumed he would find a sweet girl and raise her grandchildren. It was her husband who had noticed when Hephaestion blushed when looking at a handsome boy. And hearing about Alexander's own preferences, was when his plan had formed.

"Come Hephaestion, it is time for your bedtime. You can tell me about your evening. Your father let you stay in the hall quite late."

"It is only nine o clock, Mother. I don't see why I can't be there."

Callie smiled at the back of her emerging son, coming from his protective cocoon. Upon entering her sons room several minutes later, she found him curled up in his bed. So innocently beautiful, how could any man resist his charms. She feared this king would never take the time to appreciate the sweet and smart boy that Hephaestion was. If Callie didn't have her daughters to take care of, she would become recluse, and do penance for what she had allowed happen to her son.

"I met King Alexander today, Mother."

"And did you like him?"

"Yes, but.........."

"Hephaestion........?" she prompted.

"He kissed me. Today, in the barn. He knew he was coming to become betrothed, and yet he was kissing a strange boy in the barn." Hephaestion knew that his mother would understand, even if the men hadn't.

Callie thinking for a moment, knew that she had to say the right thing to her confused son.

"Hephaestion, he was not betrothed when he kissed you. There had been no pledge yet. Is there now?"

"I think so. Father seems to want this."

"Yes, I know. Honey, he is several years older then you and much more experienced. I am sure that the way he was raised in that warring land was much more uncivilized then your own upbringing. In his mind I am sure that he thought that he was doing no wrong. Besides which," Callie reminder her son,  "you too were to become engaged and allowed a man to kiss you in the barn today."

Hephaestion had not thought about that.

"Oh no! He must think terribly about me. What if he thinks I kiss everybody? He will think I have no morals."

Callie, thinking about how inexperienced her son's kiss must have been, smiled to herself.

"I am sure he does not think that, Hephaestion. There is always the argument that you both were swept off your feet from seeing each other and neither of you would have kissed anybody else, but each other."

Hephaestion brightened at this, which made Callie brave enough to ask her next question.

"Hephaestion, when you were in the barn today; is that all he did was kiss you?"

"What do you mean, Mother?"

"Did he touch you in any way?"

"Oh yes. He held me in his arms. It was like you said it would always be. And I felt........never mind," Hephaestion didn't think his mother should know that he had felt another mans hardness pressed against his.

Callie smiled. "Did you enjoy the kiss, Hephaestion?"

"It was so wonderful, Mother." Hephaestion blushed, remembering his moans and whimpering from earlier that day. "You should get father to kiss you, Mother. It feels good all over."

Mother and son were quiet for a moment, both lost in their own memories, when another thought came to Hephaestion.

"Mother, what if he wants children?"

"Hephaestion, he is a king. Of coarse he will have to have a wife. You may want children too."

"Ew, I don't want to kiss a girl. And I don't want him to either," Hephaestion declared.

"Your marriage is something you are going to have to talk to the king about. And no marriage is perfect. It will be up to you, to make it as joy full as you can. I think however, that the king will just have a wife for children's sake, so please don't make yourself sick about it."

Celeas Amnitor poked his head around the corner.

"Are you two still up? Good evening, my love," he said, kissing his wife's cheek. "We are to lunch with Alexander tomorrow. He would like to meet you, my dear. And our beautiful daughters. He said he saw you and Dani in the barn with the kittens today, Hephaestion."

"Yes, father. That is where he kissed me."

"Oh please, not that again. Hephaestion, I expect you to be on your best behavior. I have given permission for you to take a walk with him tomorrow after lunch. Can I count on you to to do what's right?"

Hephaestion, chagrined that his father still didn't understand. He had only the option to comply to his fathers wishes.

"I will show him the sea rim path. Is that alright?"

"Yes, but don't go to the beach. I want the chaperons to stay in the distance. Now go to sleep, Hephaestion, and I will allow you to stay in the court hall tomorrow night." Meeting his wife's eyes, he added, "for a little while, that is."

In the hallway, Callie whispered to her husband.

"I think you need to talk to him. He is completely innocent."

"I know. Alexander wants him to stay that way. He will be the one to show our son what sex is about."

"He will be gentle, won't he Celeas?"

"I think the king is in love with Hephaestion. By Zeus, Callie, this is working out well. As long as Hephaestion's naughty side doesn't rear it's head."

"Do you know what he told me, Celeas? He said for me to get you to kiss me. That it can be quite enjoyable."

"Oh, he did, did he? That imp. I suggest we go to our rooms, my dear."

Later that night, as the companions entered their own small guest palace, joking about the pleasure slaves in Amnitor's palace; it was Ptolemy who once again brought up the subject of Hephaestion.

"i can't believe he ran out saying he wouldn't marry you. You better not let that behavior be accepted, Alexander. You need to curb that rebellion in him right now."

"He is like a fiery untamed colt. I will not break his spirit. He needs to be coaxed, not forced.  He is young, with an innocent's view of love and romance. And he should have it. It is a marriage after all. I will be gentle, at least at first," he grinned lecherously. "I will make him want me, so that he can't think of anything else. I will have him eating out of my hand in no time, you'll see."

"Alexander, about what you were talking about earlier today, do you still not care if he takes a lover? Because I find him very desirable."

Alexander stopped and grabbed Cassander's arm, swinging him around. Cassander just laughed at Alexander's anger.

"Relax, my king. I spoke in jest."

"I hope so, Cassander. I will kill anybody that touches him." Alexander swept into his private rooms. He trembled from jealousy at the thought of the innocent boy with Cassander. Angered that he even had that feeling over a boy that he had hardly met, just a few hours before.

"Lady Amnitor, I don't know when I have had more delightful company for lunch. Thank you very much." Alexander kissed the hand of his betrothed's mother. She was sweet and very charming. He knew Hephaestion must take after her. The girl Dani was very mischievious, and he had a feeling under his best behavior, Hephaestion was too.

"We are so glad to have you," the proud woman said. She kissed him on his cheek, asking him if he would like to see her flowers.

"I would love to. I like flowers also. I do not have time to work on them, yet I have a big garden at home."

"i will go with you, Mother," young Dani cried.

"You will stay here young lady, and finish your lunch," Celeas said, grinning at his daughter.

"What are your worries, dear woman?" Alexander asked, when they were alone.

"I need you to know how innocent Hephaestion is."

"I realize his purity."

"He has no knowledge of the bedchamber, he is very innocent."

Callie blushed at her boldness which amused Alexander, who thought them a wonderful family. So unlike his own.

"I wiil delight in his innocence and try to keep his sweetness always a part of him. I will take care of him, my lady."

Amnitor said from behind them, "Let the man gather his intended and go for a walk, my love. I hope her questions do not bother you, my king. She has been very worried."

"I wish my own mother had loved me that much. Neither of you need worry. I will take good care of him. Upon my honor, he will want for nothing. Material or emotional." Alexander bowed before them and left to take his walk with Hephaestion. He had been longing to be somewhat alone with the boy since yesterday. Today he would have chaperons, since Hephaestion had told them of the kiss.

"I like him," Callie said.

"So do I. He is a king and arrogant though........."

".............and Hephaestion can be very stubborn."

They laughed as they always did, when finishing each other sentences.

"Of course," Amnitor mused, " that means that they will argue."

"Of course they will. And they will........."

"..........make up!"

The two laughed and went in to comfort their daughter who had wanted to walk with her brother and the king.

Alexander and Hephaestion walked in silence to the rim trail that led to the great sea. Alexander reached out and held Hephaestion's hand, entwining their fingers. He smiled to himself at the blush that crept up Hephaestion's face. The king was torn between wanting to bed the desirable boy and wanting to enjoy his innocence for a while longer. Again today, his intended wore a sea blue toga style cloth wrapped around him. His tanned smooth skin was doing wonders for Alexander's libido. He glanced at the guards and chaperons who followed a short distance behind. Cousins of the young lord.

"That is where we are allowed to swim down there," Hephaestion said wistfully, pointing to a sandy beach and a quiet bay.

"it is a nice day. Do you and your sisters swim often?"

"All the time. But, we have to worry about the slavers from Persia. Father is stretched too thin on security right now for them to watch us."

"When I rule Persia, the slavers will be no more. Your sisters will be able to swim with just one guardian watching them. I will feel better when our family is safe."

"Do you really feel that way," Hephaestion asked breathlessly? Being around this man seem to make his body feel things that he had never felt before. It scared him and excited him at the same time.

"I really do. Your family is now my family to care for, Hephaestion. Because of the way I feel for you, I want their safety and happiness as well as yours."

Hephaestion grew bold and squeezed the king's hand before turning to face him.

"Oh, Alexander," he said, blushing a little from using the kings given name, "I am so happy! You love me!"

Alexander didn't know if he would call it love or not, but he wouldn't take the radiant look from the boy's beautiful face for anything in the world. The next words thrilled him and made him feel like the young man he was, before his fathers death and war, invasion, and the duties of a kingdom had made him forget that both glory and happiness could be his.

Shyly Hephaestion looked down at the beach, before peeking up through his long lashes at the king.

"I.........I love you too."

Alexander's answer was to reach out and caress the smooth cheek, running his thumb across the full lips.

"I think it would be all right if you were to make love to me again." Hephaestion said shyly. "Since we are betrothed."

"Make love..........? What?"

"You know......Kiss me again."

This boy was going to keep him entertained in and out of bed, Alexander decided, before lowering his face to touch the trembling lips with his own.

Hephaestion arched into the kiss, longing for the closeness that he had felt yesterday. His body seeking a fulfillment that his mind wasn't aware of. Alexander having had hundreds of lovers, had never felt anything better then the excitement of feeling the passion exuding from his intended. He didn't think he would ever tire of it.  Hephaestion did not yet know it, but his body craved sex, was made for it, was made for Alexander.

The king groaned into his mouth, which thrilled Hephaestion that this man loved making love to him as much as Hephaestion enjoyed it.

Alexander turned them around, so that it was his back that was turned toward their watchers. He didn't want them to see his hands. He pulled Hephaestion to him, deepening the kiss. This time, Hephaestion took initiative and twirled his own tongue around Alexander's. The king was grateful for fast learners and moaned into the kiss.

Alexander ran his hands down the naked shoulders of his lover, surprising the boy when they rested on the full swell of his behind. They felt good there, Hephaestion thought. His body had a will of it's own. Even as he arched into his intendeds body. His bottom wiggled against the kings hands. He gasped when he felt Alexander cup his cheeks and pull him into his hardness. He couldn't think. He couldn't even kiss anymore. He dropped his head to the side, and just writhed against the body holding his. Alexander sucked on the tasty neck that was exposed to him. He wanted to mark the boy. Suck every inch of his skin, and he would someday. He gently rotated his hips, his large phallus fighting with Hephaestion's, until he felt the telltale shiver of Hephaestion's impending orgasm. He felt his lover pull back, alarmed and embarrassed. Too far in his desire to stop. Too new at it to know what his body searched for. He had ignored his own bodies awakenings for too long.

"Shh," Alexander said, grinding their bodies against each other. His lips sucked a little on Hephaestion's lobe and touched his ear as he whispered, "Shh, let your body go. It needs this. It's alright, I've got you." Alexander felt the shudder, and covered the boys mouth with his own to silence the cry of innocent joy that Hephaestion couldn't hide. Never. Never in all his life, had Alexander ever seen anything as beautiful as Hephaestion coming undone in his arms.

Hephaestion lay spent within the kings hold. He could feel his hardness, but Alexander seemed to ignore his own body, and Hephaestion was too embarrassed to mention it. He could feel the king reign little kisses all over his face, but he kept his eyes tightly closed. He heard a little amused chuckle at his bashfulness, and felt the king clean him up with the inside of his skirt.

Alexander lifted the face of his lover, to stare into the passion laden eyes..

"It is alright, my love. We are lovers and we are to be joined soon. We have many pleasures that await us. And a lifetime to enjoy them."

"There is more?"

Alexander watched Hephaestion's eyes widen, and lightly kissed the swollen lips.

"Much more, my love," he chuckled. "Will you join me again tonight. Perhaps we can eat together. I have to talk to your father about business this afternoon."

"I would like that, Alexander. Maybe after we are joined, I can be of use in your army. I am smart and strong. I can learn to do things. After all, I will be your husband, not your wife."

Stubborn little imp, Alexander thought. Although he had a point. Alexander may not want him to fight, but he was sure he could find something for him to do. And they could be together, where Alexander could watch him.

"I would like your help," he answered, enjoying the happiness on the enticing face.

Hephaestion smiled and bravely held the kings hand as they turned back towards their chaperons. He looked wistfully at the sea.

"I wish we could swim. How many slaves do they need anyway? Why can't they do some of their own work?"

Alexander didn't know how they kept this boy so innocent of the world around them, but he thanked the gods that they did.

Later that night, Hephaestion was sitting on the couch of his betrothed. His father sat beside them, on his own couch, with the other nobles and dignitaries all around them. He and Alexander had shared their dinner, and several glasses of wine. Hephaestion had never been allowed so much before, and he couldn't help but smile at his happiness. It was now past midnight, and Alexander and his father were deep into a war talk, animated in their discussion. Alexander, who had held his hand and been quite attentive all night, turned away from him to talk to his father's generals.

It was then that Hephaestion started to notice what was going on around him. His head swiveled and he couldn't help but stare at the actions of men and women right next to him. His betrothed and his father hardly seemed aware of what was going on. Was this what happened when he was sent to bed? Did Alexander and his father indulge in these acts that he saw the married friends of his fathers doing now? Hephaestion was upset, not at the act itself, that was rather interesting. No, he was upset at all the married men who were dishonoring their vows, by using the whores. Is that what he had to look forward to? Alexander forgetting his existence when he was at these celebrations?

Hephaestion was mortified as he watched the doings around him. He glanced around to see if people were watching his innocence of these acts. He watched a long time friend of his fathers kissing a boy who Hephaestion knew to be younger then him. Saw the man bring the boy over his lap, to bury his fingers in the boys behind. Hephaestion felt his face redden. He wanted to look away, but couldn't. He had never seen or heard about the things that were happening in his own home. With his father and the man he loved sitting right beside him. He never thought these things possible. He had wondered.......but never, ever dreamed..........

"Hephaestion! Hephaestion, we are talking to you."

Hephaestion heard his fathers voice from a distance. The room had started taking on an other worldly view. It was spinning a little bit. Everywhere things were going on around him. Things that he had never even thought of. Combined with the wine that he had been allowed, he couldn't seem to give his father his attention.

Both Amnitor and Alexander looked around to see what had claimed Hephaestion's attention, both coming to the dismayed conclusion at the same time.

Alexander grabbed the boy's arms and turned him from the view of the room, facing he and his father. He didn't want his intended to see the depravity of the hall. His innocence was not ready for that. He noticed the flushed look on Hephaestion's face, and hoped with the amount of wine he had been allowed for the first time, would help him forget the later part of the evening. He saw how the boys shocked eyes couldn't quite meet his own. He touched the soft cheek, adoring the naive artlessness of his betrothed.

Amnitor was appalled at himself for allowing his innocent son to stay up this late. For all of Hephaestion's life, he had been sheltered from the immoral and sometimes degenerate acts of late night court life. He had always kept that part of life away from his family. His own remorse at his offense caused him to speak more harshly then he had intended.

"Hephaestion, it is time for you to be in bed. Leave the hall at once!"

"Father, there are other boys here that are younger then me." Hephaestion didn't want to be sent from the hall like an errant child. He was betrothed and was turning seventeen in less then two weeks.

"You dare talk back to me?" His father roared, drawing attention from nearby couches. "I am still your father. I said go to bed!"

Hephaestion looked to his intended to see if he might defend his right to be there, but those eyes told the same story.

"I am sorry, Hephaestion. I agree with your father. You should not see such things that you have been sheltered from. When we are joined. Maybe. You are too pure for this, my love."

Hephaestion felt embarrassing tears come to his eyes. Blushing from being sent from the hall like a child, he rose and walked swiftly from the room without wishing either men a goodnight.

Both Lord Amnitor and King Alexander felt sorry for the young man, yet they knew they were right in sending him to his bed. Such things were not for virgin eyes.

"Do you partake of the pleasures you offer your guests, Lord Amnitor?" Alexander directed his question to his host, but his eyes were still on the empty doorway that Hephaestion had gone through.

"I used to, many years ago. I am old now, and much prefer my own wife who still loves these old bones. And in all honesty," Celeas whispered. " I realized long ago, that she is the one I most want, and I hated seeing the pain in her eyes when I bedded another. Do not worry Sire, if you want to indulge yourself. You are not yet joined with my son. And you are the king after all." Amnitor had a feeling that after a few unsatisfying carnal relations while Hephaestion waited in his bed would make Alexander come to the same conclusions he had. Amnitor knew love when he saw it. Alexander might have to take a few knocks before he truly recognized it. After another glass of wine, Amnitor asked his fellow high ranking noble to take over as host, and bid his king goodnight.

Alexander didn't need a man's permission to gratify his own body. And no matter how he felt about Hephaestion, he wasn't going to let some young boy dictate his actions. He spotted a young man who had just finished bringing in more food, and was now sipping a stolen glass of wine. He was a slave and didn't expect niceties. Alexander who had made his way over, kissed the young man. He didn't have Hephaestion's sweet fresh breath or his quivering full lips. Though he was experienced and knew how to kiss, which contrarily made Alexander hunger for the awakening passion of Hephaestion's innocent kiss. Angered at his thoughts, he pulled the boy into the corridor and around the corner.

Alexander pushed the boy against the wall, turning him to face it. He bent to kiss his neck, but he smelled faintly of old sweat and garlic. He was glad his betrothed had a fresh and minty smell from bath soaps. Well, he didn't want to kiss the boy anyway. He lowered the peasant trousers that the Athenians wore and rubbed his hand over the thin behind. He pushed into the boy with no preparation and noticed that he had already been used that night. Slightly sickened by his actions, Alexander finished quickly. He had the release of sexual tension, but felt no satisfaction. He cleaned himself on the slaves shirt and covered himself back up. When Alexander turned around he met the shocked and pain filled eyes of his betrothed. He noticed the disillusioned face turn to betrayal and anger.

"I hate you," Hephaestion hissed, tears now streaming down his face. He turned and ran down the hall and into the family's wing of the palace. He ordered the guards to not let anyone pass.

Alexander not wanting to fight with his hosts personal guard resigned himself to do some fast talking tomorrow. This afternoon had been so wonderful for them both, and now Alexander had ruined it all. His stomach twisted as the thought of Hephaestion's anguished eyes. The pain making them darken to midnight blue. His chest ached, and he decided to just go to his own bed.

Cleitus fell into step beside him. He had witnessed the last moment of Alexander's copulation, as he had just finished his own release from another boy. Cleitus had seen Hephaestion coming and tried to get to the boy to turn him back. He had been too late. Hephaestion had seen and ran from the scene. Cleitus saw his king barred from the rooms of the jealous boy he was pledged to.

"Well so much for having him eating out of your hand."

"Oh do shut up, Cleitus."
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